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P&E Distributors Recognized as 2009 WD of the Year

 Donnie Eatherly
 SEMA Board member Donnie Eatherly of P&E Distributors accepts the award for SEMA WD of the Year.

SEMA named P&E Distributors as the 2009 Warehouse Distributor of the Year during the Industry Awards Banquet at the 2009 SEMA Show. The Tennessee-based, family-owned and operated business represents more than 250 product lines and was previously named WD of the Year in 2004. Motor State Distributing and Meyer Distributing were runners up for this year’s award.

Accepting the award was SEMA Board member Donnie Eatherly, P&E Distributors' president and co-owner. Eatherly grew up in the WD business that his father started in the mid-'50s. He is currently the president-elect and a three-term board member of the Performance Warehouse Association (PWA).

SEMA News recently had the opportunity to speak with Eatherly to discuss the current industry challenges facing WDs and to learn how PWA and SEMA are working together to improve the industry in general and the role of the WD specifically.

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