Daily Product Highlights and Announcements From the 2009 SEMA Show

Here are just some of the announcements made on Tuesday, November 3, and Wednesday, November 4, during the 2009 SEMA Show.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Company: CON2R, Booth#22979
Announcement: The CON2R Custom(er) Designed Steering Wheel program allows customers to create their own steering wheel design from more than 250,000 potential component combinations. Customers choose from spoke patterns, offsets, colors and other design elements to create a unique steering wheel with exactly the right look for their ride. The key to the CON2R Custom(er) Designed Steering Wheel program is the graphic interface that allows customers to go to the website and see THEIR steering wheel as they build it from their library of spoke patterns, offsets, color combinations and trim elements.

Company: SuperSprings International, Booth #34110
Announcement: SuperSprings International unveiled their rear SumoSprings, the world’s first airless airbags. The microcellular foam body is maintenance free and never requires the addition of air. Witness the quick, no-drill, bolt-on installation first hand.

Company: Pfadt Race Engineering & Unrestricted Motorsports, Booth #20657
Announcement: Pfadt Race Engineering & Unrestricted Motorsports unveiled the new Comp Series Camaro. Built on the 2010 Camaro, the Comp Series will be sold through select dealers and the individual parts through Unrestricted Motorsports. All Comp Series Camaros feature Pfadt Race Engineering’s new performance suspension system, a complete body kit, a new hood, a rear spoiler, Forgeline wheels and a custom paint scheme.

Company: Topline Products, Booth #45041
Announcement: Black Ice Alloys introduced the Style VB10 for the 2010 season. The VB10 features the exclusive black with chrome finish technology and is highlighted by a uniquely contemporary seven-spoke design.

Company: Grote Industries, Booth #11773
Announcement: Grote Industries introduced the first commercially available versions of its new LightForm flexible LED lighting film technology. At less than 1 millimeter thick, LightForm flexible LED lighting film enables users to quickly and easily install an LED in tight spaces that were previously inaccessible to vehicle lighting and can even be sewn into fabric. Customizers and restylers can now achieve fantastic interior and exterior LED lighting effects that were unthinkable before today.

Company: Hyundai Motor America, Booth #24387
Announcement: Hyundai showcased the rear-wheel drive, performance-oriented Genesis sedan and Genesis Coupe at this year's SEMA Show. Hyundai has again united with some of the biggest names in the aftermarket industry to build five one-of-a-kind Genesis models for the Hyundai display. In addition, the aftermarket-ready Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-Spec will make its debut. Featured vehicles include: GReddy X-Gen Street Genesis Coupe; Rhys Millen Racing RM460 Genesis Coupe; Hennessey Genesis Carbon Coupe; Street Concepts Hyundai Genesis sedan—painted live in the Hyundai booth; RIDES/LUX Motorwerks Hyundai Genesis Coupe; Production Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-Spec.

Company: Lexus, Booth#22699
Announcement: Lexus unveiled the highly anticipated LFA Supercar, the flagship for the F portfolio of Lexus performance models, redefines the supercar for the 21st century. The rear-wheel drive LFA is dynamically styled and powered by a sophisticated new high-revving 9,000-rpm (redline) 4.8L V10 engine that generate 552 hp and 354 lb.-ft. torque for adrenaline-fuelled 202-mph performance.

Company: VholdR, Booth #10247
Announcement: VholdR, the market leader for HD Wearable Camcorders, is debuting Contour HD1080p to the autosports market at the 2009 SEMA Show (Booth #10247). Built for sports enthusiasts looking for the ultimate video quality, Contour HD1080p is now the world’s first in-car Camcorder to shoot 1080p video and enable you to share it online.

Company: Goodmark Industries, Booth #24675
Announcement: Goodmark introduces their new nationwide show-quality re-chroming service for bumpers and bumper guards. For pros and enthusiasts nationwide, the service provides the option to salvage their original bumper or shine up a reproduction one. Dented, rusted or torqued parts are quotable online with pricing by make and model.

Company: GearWrench, Booth#12615
Announcement: GearWrench announced two new product extensions, the Indexing Ratcheting Wrench and the Electronic Torque Wrench with Angle Measurement are part of GearWrench’s push to provide professional tool users with a complete line of hand tools for any application.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Company: Schrader International
Announcement: Schrader International, marketer of AirAware brand TPMS systems, components and tools, announced the introduction of the EZ-Sensor Programmable Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor, a first-of-its-kind aftermarket sensor that will allow tire dealers and service centers to dramatically reduce the number of TPMS sensor SKUs they need to stock.

Company: Cyber Clean Automotive, Booth#11873
Announcement: Cyber Clan Automotive introduced a high-tech cleaning compound that provides a deep cleaning solution for automotive interiors.

Company: Coyote Systems, Booth#10336
Announcement: Coyote Systems unveiled the world’s first real-time speed and red-light camera alert systems, the mini Coyote and iCoyote for the iPhone. The device is located in the vehicle and provides advance warnings to drivers of the locations of speed and red-light cameras through real-time automatic updating.

Company: Pirelli Tires, Booth # 41027
Announcement: Pirelli Tires introduced two new product entries into the global marketplace—the Scorpion Verde All Season and P Zero Trofeo. The Scorpion Verde all season is all about Green Performance and has been designed specifically for SUVs, crossovers and light trucks. The P Zero Trofeo is a DOT street-legal race tire that gives enthusiasts a wider contact patch, greater rigidity and stability during acceleration and braking.

Company: Williams Innovations, Booth#32211
Announcement: Williams Innovation announced the availability of their new TeleSwivel brand of hitch adapters and receiver hitches. These innovative products build on Williams’ patented technology that has been proven in the service of the US military and are now available for commercial and recreational customers. TeleSwivel products transform towing, turning an aggravating, time-consuming task into a fast, safe, easy process. The products create a target zone 25 times larger than a standard hitch.

Company: Guidepoint Systems, Booth #38058
Announcement: Guidepoint Systems announced the launch of an all-new version of its award-winning GPS-enabled theft protection system for motorcycles and powersports equipment. The new GPS Xtreme is water-resistant, dustproof and features the latest in advanced power management.

Company: Strattec Security Corp., Booth #32162
Announcement: Strattec Security Corp. has created a series of locks that opens with your car or truck key. The new BOLT (Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology) Series of Locks incorporate a patented, automotive-style cylinder that enables users to insert their car or truck key, turn once and program that lock to that key.

Company: DU-HA, Booth#32094
Announcement: DU HA Inc. the makers of the DU-HA rear-seat storage units for pickups, announced their new product, the Received Caddy. The Receiver Caddy is designed to hold ball mounts in the bed of pickups and the rear cargo area of SUVs.