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Industry Pulls Together Unprecedented Show Effort

 SEMA Show floor

Though consumers and business leaders wait for definitive signs of economic recovery, one message from the specialty-equipment industry is clear: 2010 will be better. Buyers, manufacturers, reps and distributors have not only committed to attend the 2009 SEMA Show, but are also taking advantage of new tools and services available at the Show.

SEMA's new online Matchmaking Program launched earlier this year, for example, is connecting buyers and exhibitors before the Show, allowing them to schedule meetings and set agendas in advance with those most relevant to their business interests.

Open exclusively to buyers and exhibitors, this time-saving tool has helped more than 10,000 connect and exchange more than 25,000 messages.

A larger New Products Showcase in a new location, enhanced by both still photography and video, allows exhibitors to display their latest innovations to not only buyers, but also to journalists and photographers covering the Show for global media outlets. And the New Products Breakfast, where industry judges recognize this year's top innovators, has already shown record interest, with more than 1,300 people requesting tickets.

Programs, such as Dealer Day and the Online Marketing Conference, are also approaching record attendance. Nearly 420 dealer principals have signed on for Dealer Day, a program designed to connect auto dealerships with specialty-equipment suppliers (learn more at

Meanwhile, the Online Marketing Conference, a full day of seminars during the Monday before the Show open, has attracted more than 200 professionals seeking to create revenue streams from their business' online presence. Learn more about the OMC at

Members of the industry are also renewing commitments to themselves and their businesses by learning new tools and methods to thrive in 2010, as interest in educational seminars at the Show is higher than ever.

Finally, the industry leaders and business owners themselves have spoken about the value of the SEMA Show and its importance to their 2010 plans. See for yourself what they're saying:

“With the economy and increasing travel, the SEMA Show has become more important than ever for us. It’s the only way we can meet all our customers in one location with all of our newest products. The new payment option makes it easier to maintain cash flow while preparing for the Show. Recessions don’t last forever and already we see signs of recovery. That makes this SEMA Show a ‘must-do’ to capture more sales in 2010”
—Oliver Rathlein, Vice President of Marketing,
Eibach Springs

“We see the SEMA Show as an important event for two reasons. It's a fantastic opportunity to launch new Enkei wheels and gain customer feedback for product planning. But, more importantly, we can meet with current U.S. customers, international buyers, prospects, marketing partners and old friends. No other single event offers that combination of opportunities.”
—Brandi Beall, HR and Sales Administrator,
Enkei International

"The SEMA Show has been a great asset for launching new products and programs, renewing business relationships and creating new opportunities. Now more than ever we want to demonstrate our commitment to innovation, our customers and the industry, and we see a tremendous opportunity to accomplish this at the Show."
—Mark Richter, Senior Manager, Dealer Marketing, Falken Tire Corporation

"Participation in the SEMA Show helps us connect with customers and buyers located throughout the world all in one place."
Jess Hoodenpyle, VP of Sales and Customer Service, Coker Tire Company

"Regardless of economic climate, getting your brand, your products, and your services in front of your core customer base is vital. It’s important to debut new products and meet new customers, but equally important to re-connect with existing customers, remind them that their continued support is appreciated.

"Just being at the Show with a creative display, exciting products and a positive attitude sends the message that while business has slowed, we’re still here, we’re still succeeding, and if you stick with us we can help you do the same."
Mitch "Miles" P. Hubbard, Director of Marketing,
Katzkin Leather

“For almost four decades, the SEMA Show has been our single most important event of the year and it will be even more so this year. As the industry pulls together to get through these difficult days, manufacturers can't afford to be out of sight and out of mind. Far better to be creatively smaller than to not be there at all.”
—Barry Meguiar, President, Meguiar’s

"American Beta was attracted to the SEMA Show because of the new Powersports Section. By including motorcycles, ATVs and other outdoor recreation products, Beta immediately wanted to be included. We felt the SEMA Show would be a great place to showcase our 2010 models to not only the avid off-road motorcycle rider, but the car and truck audience as well."
—Tim Pilg, Marketing Manager, Beta Motorcycles

"As Bushwacker gears up to attend its 39th SEMA show, we look back on history and review the industry exposure, information and energy that it provides. This show marks the one event where industry insiders and professionals from all disciplines come together to meet and discuss advancements and market issues that affect us all. It provides a valuable platform for seasoned veterans and newcomers alike."
—Kim Ziebell, CMO, Bushwacker

“The SEMA Show provides a great platform for us to meet with current customers and, of course, meet new ones. It helps us grow as a company to see what’s new and improved in our industry and really focus on our goals for the upcoming year. It’s a great way to wrap up the old year and ring in the new.”
—Julie B. Tyson, Marketing Director, Auto Custom Carpets

"The new Powersports Section at the SEMA Show aligns perfectly with the Kolpin brand and the ATV and UTV accessories industry. This event provides a great opportunity for Kolpin to showcase our expanded product offerings to the powersports and off-road market."
Sarah Hudzinski, Manager, Marketing Services, Kolpin Powersports

“Even with 50-plus years in the industry, B&M and Hurst continue to enjoy the opportunities provided by SEMA to renew old acquaintances, meet new customers, and hob-knob with industry friends and competitors alike. Even in this tough economic climate, the Show is still a must-attend event for companies new and old. The opportunities at the Show are worth every penny.”
Dan Wu, VP Products/Motorsports/Events, B&M Racing and Performance Products

"The SEMA Show has global influence. We feel it is critical to have a presence there. In this tough economy, we know the buyers who make the investment to come to the Show are serious decision-makers. They are there to do business."
Alva Chang, Vice President, Ace Alloy Wheel/Decorsa Wheels

“We have chosen to exhibit at the SEMA Show because they are expanding in to the two-wheel market and will be catering to dealerships in that market. We are looking forward to the new Powersports and Utility Vehicle Section.”
—Scott Oaks, President, No-Toil Industries

“As a founding member, we have been attending the Show every year since 1967. SEMA has always been a great place for us to connect with our customers, introduce new products, show off project vehicles, and meet new customers from around the world. We have grown our international business over 1000% from contacts made at SEMA and international sales now account for over 20% of our overall sales.”
Don Sneddon, Advertising Manager, Mickey Thompson Performance Tires

“The SEMA Show is a great place to listen to what our customers want and determine where we need to improve. K&N has been an active participant at SEMA for decades, but 2009 will represent our largest level of participation ever. There is simply no better place for K&N to educate people about our products and marketing programs. It also happens to be one of the best car shows on the planet and an all-around fun week in Las Vegas.”
—Tim Martin, Vice President, K&N Engineering

"The SEMA Show is the industry event. We use it to contact existing dealers and new buyers. It's a great place to introduce new products. We get all the buyers we need to see. It's a win-win for sellers and buyers."
—Chico Kodama, President, Mooneyes USA

“We feel the SEMA Show is to the automotive aftermarket what the Oscars are to Hollywood. We spend all year working on our craft and once a year we get to show it to not just buyers, but industry leaders and the media. If you aren’t there, you aren’t doing anything of note.”
—Rick Johnson, President, Gear Vendors

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