Online Marketing Conference: Learn the Straight Truth About Advertising on Google

SEMA Show seminar
Make plans to attend Perry Marshall's seminar at the 2009 Online Marketing Conference and learn how to use Google AdWords to maximize your business website revenue.
Recognized by his peers in the online marketing community as one of the leading experts on Google AdWords, Perry Marshall cuts through things and gets right to the heart of the matter. His advice is right on and he gives you the real story, not the sugar-coated, fantasy-land version provided by most others.

Marshall is one of six experts speaking at the Online Marketing Conference, November 2, at the 2009 SEMA Show.

Many specialty-equipment businesses advertise using Google AdWords. If you want more out of your AdWords advertising, learn Marshall’s inside tips and secrets to improved marketing performance.

Marshall will use actual, live online demonstrations to teach you what you need to know for high profits with AdWords. This hands-on approach takes you under the hood, showing you how to structure campaigns and ads for maximum impact. After spending time with Marshall, you'll be armed to set up a winning AdWords campaign or fine-tune an existing one to new levels of profit.

Be forewarned: Marshall is blunt and direct and will challenge conventional ways of thinking. His seminar is not for the weak of heart—just those serious about getting higher returns and spending less with Google AdWords.

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Cost to attend the Online Marketing Conference is $199 for SEMA members, $299 for non-members (both include SEMA Show registration fee). For those already registered for the Show, the cost drops to $174 for SEMA members, $274 for non-members.

The OMC comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If any attendee is not happy with the Online Marketing Conference, their registration will be refunded plus an additional $100.