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On-Road Diesels to Be Included in 2010 California Smog-Check Program

Beginning January 1, 2010, the California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) will include light- and medium-duty, on-road diesel vehicles in its smog-check program. Under the program, manufacturers of performance and specialty aftermarket parts for diesel applications will need to meet certain requirements. Specifically, the test will include a visual inspection for uncertified/non-OEM parts, an OBDII readiness check and a snap-idle tail-pipe test for particulate matter (PM).

BAR has developed a list of non-OEM replacement parts that will be identified during the visual portion of the smog-check process. Any such parts not qualified as a replacement part (and thereby exempt from certification) will require compliance coverage with a CARB Executive Order (E.O.). Identification of any uncertified parts will cause a vehicle to fail the visual portion of the test. A similar program is being proposed in the state of Nevada.

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