SEMA Show Exhibitors: Important Show Deadlines and Updates



September 18

  • Exhibitor Registration Due (To Receive Badges in the Mail) - Domestic Mail/Fax only
  • Hotel Room Reservations

September 25

  • Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor Application
  • Product Giveaway Receipt Request
  • Exhibitor Registration Due (To Receive Badges in the Mail) – Domestic Online only
  • Company Information to PR Contacts

October 2

  • Booth Food Service (Advance Rate)
  • Exhibitor Insurance (only if purchased from John Buttine)
  • Lead Retrieval Rental (Early Bird Rate)
  • Fabric Solutions /TotalFlex
  • Models/Booth Personnel (Advance Rate)
  • Sponsorship Materials Due
  • Vehicle Detailing (Advance Rate)

October 9

  • Carpet & Cleaning Order (Advance Rate)
  • Copy/Printing Services (Discount Rate)
  • Digital Cable Order (Advance Rate)
  • Electrical Order (Advance Rate)
  • Feature Vehicle Display Application (Online Only)
  • Freeman Accessories (Advance Rate)
  • Freeman Credit Card Authorization
  • Freeman Furnishings (Advance Rate)
  • Hanging truss, Chain Hoist, Lighting & Stagehand Labor (Advance Rate)
  • Telephone/Internet Order (Advance Rate)
  • Labor, Installation & Dismantle
  • Material Handling Order Form
  • Members Lounge Conference Room Reservation
  • Method of Payment Form
  • New Products Awards Entry (Online Only)
  • Office Equipment Rentals (Advance Rate)
  • Project Vehicle Builders
  • Rental Exhibit Order (Advance Rate)
  • Rigging Equipment Labor Order
  • Safety Container Rental (Advance Rate)
  • Security Guard Service (Advance rate)
  • SEMA Internship Program Application
  • Special Signs & Graphics (Advance Rate)
  • Standard Furniture Order (Advance Rate)
  • Target Time Changes
  • Third Party Payment (Freeman)
  • Utilities – Air/Water/Drain Order (Advance Rate)

October 16

  • Audio / Visual (Advance Rate)
  • Computer Rental (Advance Rate)
  • Exhibitor Registration (online) Closes
  • Manufacturers Rep. Matching Service
  • Meeting / Function Space Reservation
  • Technical Seminar Space Reservation

October 20

  • Lead Retrieval Rental – No Refunds

October 23

  • Advance Shipments to Freeman Warehouse (including New Products, Hanging Signs & Silent Auction Items)
  • Plant and Floral Order


The complete 2009 SEMA Show Exhibitor Services Manual is now available online. Check for the link to the Exhibitor Services Manual or CLICK HERE and begin ordering services for your SEMA Show booth. You do not need to register or login to download the forms contained on this website, unless you are ordering services directly from Freeman.

Forward all forms and links contained on the Exhibitor Services Manual to others in your organization so everyone can conveniently download the forms they require to have a successful Show.

Freeman Online

If this is your first time using Freeman online, and you intend to order products or services from Freeman, click on the LOGIN link to register. If you need assistance, please contact Show Management at the following:

Phone: 702/450-7662, ext. 120 or e-mail:

If you misplaced your Freeman Online password, contact Freeman Exhibitor Services Department at 702/407-4696.


Deadline: October 9

When ordering electrical for your booth you must specify where you want the outlets if you are in a peninsula, split island or island booth. You must submit a diagram along with your order to confirm placement. Electrical order forms are in the on-line Exhibitor Services Manual or you can CLICK HERE. NOTE: If you are ordering a lead retrieval unit, an electrical line may be required.

Free Material Handling Program

SEMA and Freeman are once again offering a free delivery service for small exhibitors. If you arrive on-site at the SEMA Show in a personally operated vehicle with less than 1,000 pounds of total freight, Freeman labor will deliver your freight to your booth for FREE. This service will be available Saturday, November 1, and Sunday, November 2, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., and on Monday, November 3, 8:00 a.m.–2:30 p.m. This program is only available to companies with 1,000 pounds of freight or less and not utilizing a common carrier to transport their materials to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

All information regarding this free service can be found in the on-line Exhibitor Services Manual. If you have any further questions regarding freight handling assistance at the SEMA Show, please contact Show Management at 702/450-7662, ext. 120.

SAVE MONEY! Look in the online Exhibitor Services Manual under Freight/Material Handling for great tips on how to package your freight that will save you money not only for the transportation but the freight handling on-site. Customer Service at Freeman will also be able to answer any questions you may have at 702/407-4694.


Deadline: October 9

Don’t be shut out of SEMA’s most visible promotional opportunity. Submit your Feature Vehicle Application online by CLICKING HERE. Vehicles must be unique and aligned with the industry. Feature Vehicle Check-in takes place on Sunday, November 1. Select your check-in time when you sign up online. Vehicles are placed as they are checked in. Questions? Contact


Deadline: September 18

Housing through the official SEMA Housing Bureau is available online by CLICKING HERE. Please be aware that any and all room rate reductions in the future will be retroactive and applicable to all rooms booked through SEMA’s official housing bureau, regardless of when it was reserved. CLICK HERE for a list of the current rates at each partner hotel and a map of the properties in Las Vegas. Free shuttle service is only provided to and from partner hotels.


Want your company to stand out in the crowd? SEMA offers several ways to give you that opportunity by becoming a sponsor at the Show. This is a great way to promote your company and your sponsorship dollars go right back into the automotive aftermarket industry. Contact Motor Media Inc.: 818/248-4449.


Deadline: October 9

Does your company have a New Product? Take advantage of this free marketing opportunity by entering your product in the New Product Showcase. Your first product entry is FREE if entered by October 9 using your exhibitor password when entering your product online HERE. Have questions? E-mail or call 702/450-7662, ext. 119.


Don’t forget to register the people who are going to staff the booth—they will need a badge. Registration is available by CLICKING HERE. Free badges are available to exhibitors based on the size of their booth. Additional badges required over the allocated amount are $25 per badge. Exhibitor registration onsite is $25 per badge, regardless of any remaining allotment. Unique individual email addresses are required to complete registration for booth personnel. In order to receive a badge, each registrant is required to confirm their e-mail address once registration is complete. If the email is not confirmed prior to the badge mailing, the badges will be held for pick up at the Show.

If you did not receive your exhibitor registration password via e-mail, please contact customer service at or call 702/450-7662, ext. 120.


Registration for attendees continues to be strong, and thousands of new buyers are planning on attending the SEMA Show. Attention from the international community has never been greater, and we look forward to another successful Show this year. Please make sure you plan accordingly, including taking advantage of all the outreach opportunities made available to exhibitors through the Center for International Commerce and other resources around the SEMA Show, so your company can capture the best leads possible. Participate in the New Products Showcase, Exhibitor Product Training Sessions, and more. Find the information in the online Exhibitor Services Manual, or feel free to contact SEMA Show Management at 702/450-7662, ext. 120.


Why Ship in Advance?

First, you can potentially save money if you have a Saturday or Sunday target time if your freight company charges extra for weekend deliveries. Second, you will ensure that your materials are in your booth at your designated target date and time so that your labor personnel can begin to set up your booth immediately upon arrival. The warehouse accepts crates, cartons, skids, trunks/cases and carpet. They do not accept loose or pad-wrapped material.

The warehouse will accept advanced shipments through October 23. CLICK HERE for shipping labels—just fill in the blanks.

Shipping Directly to Show Site

Shipments sent directly to the Show site can begin on October 29. All carriers must check in with the Marshalling Yard prior to delivering at the Convention Center. Carriers are assigned an unloading time according to driver check-in. The more drivers checking in at a given time, the longer the wait time at the Marshalling Yard. Target times are established to try to keep this line at a minimum, but shipping in advance avoids it altogether.

CLICK HERE for shipping labels for deliveries going directly to Show site.

Please be aware that the Marshalling Yard is at 8801 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89123. This is located between Blue Diamond and Silverado Ranch Blvd., approximately 5 miles south of the Las Vegas Strip.


Exhibitors are invited to promote and demonstrate the technical applications of their products by conducting seminars at the SEMA Show. Exhibitor Product Training Sessions will be promoted on the SEMA Show website ( and included in on-site promotions. $125 fee for each session. Time-slots are limited, so act fast! CLICK HERE for more information.


SEMA will be promoting SEMA Show exhibitor special offers in upcoming eNews and e-mails targeted to attending buyers. Send us information on any special offers, giveaways, promotions, new products, or discounted inventory pricing that you will be offering at the SEMA Show. It’s a great opportunity for pre-show promotion to generate interest in your company through our matchmaker program and to ultimately drive more traffic to your booth. For more information or to provide your specials, please contact Dan Hobgood at 909/396-0289, ext. 220 or e-mail