SEMA Show Buyer Registration Hits Peak

SEMA Show floor

More than 1,400 buyers registered for the 2009 SEMA Show last week, the highest one-week total of sign-ups since registration opened in April. Nearly 16,000 total buyers have now committed to attend AAIW.

The surge in registration can be attributed to several factors, including SEMA’s Exhibitor/Buyer Matchmaking program, now online. Buyers can log in and begin scheduling meetings with exhibitors that match their business interests, and create a Show itinerary that also includes more than 60 business improvement seminars and extracurricular events.

Historically low hotel rates and airfares to Las Vegas, as well as the SEMA Buyer Bus program, are increasing the cost-effectiveness—and reducing the travel hassle—of attending the Show this year. Hotel rates are as low as $30 a night when booked through the official housing bureau website!

Airlines are also slashing fares, with the most recent prices available on the airfare watcher at JetBlue, meanwhile, is offering a 5% discount to all SEMA Show attendees.

But perhaps the most important reason buyers are committing to the Show in record numbers? Because exhibitors are as well. More than 1,500 exhibitors are already on board for the 2009 Show.

Don’t wait—register for the 2009 SEMA Show today.