SEMA Joins Ohio Businesses to Host Education, Networking Event at Summit Motorsports Park

 Ohio Education Program
 The recent member-outreach event in northern Ohio is part of the association's strategic direction to connect with members and seek additional ways to deliver value. 

SEMA continues its important strategic direction to increase its outreach to members. In the past few years, the association has placed itself where SEMA members gather to hear what they have to say about their businesses and to learn how the association can make a difference, especially now during a tough economic downturn.

Attending industry events, including WD shows, gives SEMA the opportunity to spend time with members from various segments and job functions within the specialty-equipment industry. In addition to these efforts, SEMA consistently seeks other ways to connect with members and deliver value. In order to increase the amount and quality of direct contact with members and potential members, the association has tested stand-alone outreach events in targeted geographical areas.

The most recent SEMA regional outreach event, held Monday, August 17, was set in one the most member-concentrated regions of the country: northern Ohio. The one-day event began with an education program at the Summit Motorsports Park, followed by bracket racing and a mixer in downtown Cleveland.

The education program, co-sponsored by the Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC) and the Street Performance Council (SPC), was conducted by Internet marketing expert Brian Offenberger, who laid out his successful strategies for online marketing and outreach. The session covered specific marketing tips for the specialty-equipment industry, search-engine optimization, how to maximize ROI through social media and more.

“The format was great, the knowledge imparted and shared was necessary and very timely, and the networking interaction helped everyone understand they were not alone in facing today’s challenges," said Steve Cole of WriteWords in nearby Medina.

Companies that attended include:

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