Market Snapshot

The Top 10 New Tools and Equipment from the 2008 SEMA Show

Always one of the most popular sections at the SEMA Show, Tools & Equipment highlight the products that make mechanical life a little easier for the installer, fabricator, builder and garage enthusiast. Products most popular with buyers and attendees at the 2008 SEMA Show ran the gamut from bending pliers to portable TIG welders. SEMA used a new digital tracking method at the 2008 New Products Showcase, allowing buyers to scan product barcodes and receive product details via printout or e-mail.

Manufacturers entered 95 new products in the Best New Tools & Equipment category, and buyers made more than 1,600 scans requesting additional product information. Who was doing all that scanning? Retailers logged more than 9,400 scans; warehouse distributors, 3,900; repair/service/installers, 3,900; and builders/fabricators, 3,500.

Following are the top 10 tools and equipment products that were of most interest to buyers:

1: Dynapex Performance Tubing Bending Pliers

Bend tubing as easily as bending steel wire on regular pliers for brake line, fuel line and other tubing lines on or off vehicle.

Dynapex Tube Bending PLiers

2: RapidAir Compressed Air Piping System

Designed to install beneath walls or on the exterior.

RapidAir Compressed Air Piping System

3: Zuru InnovativeLink Strap

Next generation Link Straps combine flexible TPE with a patented locking and link system. Highly durable and they function without hooks, alleviating the potential for injury caused by the traditional bungee cords.

Zuru Link Strap

4: Kustom Shop K-Block Sanding Stix

K-Block Wet/Dry Sanding Blocks are the ultimate tool for block sanding.

Kustom Shop K Block Sanding Stix

5: Miller Electric Manufacturing Diversion 165

The personal user's AC/DC TIG machine. Easy-to-understand operator interface. Inverter-based, AC/DC power source provides a more consistent welding arc while operating more efficiently. Designed to weld up to 3/16"" thick aluminum. Portable at 50 lbs.

Miller Diversion 165

6: Z-CALZ Magnetic Tool Kit-Black

Black, features 70 individual magnets with iconic images of tools and accessories for tool box drawers to 'find your tools fast.'

Z-CALZ Magnetic Tool Kit

7: OK Spark Spark Plug Sensor

Instant spark plug information without touching or removing plug. No inline hookup required. Handheld tool uses PEER™ technology to 'see' spark inside the cylinder.

OK Spark Plug Sensor

8: Seiki Industrial Bore Scope

Help you to check some annoying spots that you have to bend your body or turn your head too much to reach. To check and fix things convenient and comfortable.

Seiki Industrial Bore Scope

9: PROFORM Universal Cam Checker

This easy-to-use tool simply slides down into the lifter bore and is adjusted until expanded securely. Supplied with two followers: one for flat tappet cams and one for roller cams.

PROFORM Cam Checker

10: PROFORM Compact Adjustable Aluminum AN Wrench Set

(3-8AN & 10-20AN) Stubby aluminum AN wrenches are perfect in tight places under the hood. These handy wrenches won't damage your expensive AN fittings.