SEMA Opposes Request to Market Gasoline with 15% Ethanol

SEMA submitted comments to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) opposing an application to allow the ethanol content of gasoline to increase to 15% (from 10%). SEMA cited concern that the additional content could harm automobile parts of all ages, including special interest collector and historic vehicles, and that there is insufficient information to allay these concerns. Read SEMA’s comments.

SEMA’s comments were echoed by other organizations as well, including the Engine Manufacturers Association, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, Outdoor Power Equipment Institute and American Lung Association. SEMA identified a number of unanswered concerns which are reinforced by the fact that tests using ethanol concentrations up to 20% have shown a notable increase in wear on fuel systems in vehicles produced up to and including model year 1995.

Deterioration of such systems in vehicles built prior to 1990 has shown a greater rate of damage. Fuel pumps, tanks, seals, hoses and other rubber components are particularly subject to failures.

The EPA has until December 1 to decide whether to grant or deny the request. For more information, contact Jim McFarland at