Market Snapshot

SEMA Consumer Demand Index Rebranded and on the Climb

SEMA’s monthly forecasting tool to determine consumer demand for industry products has been rebranded SEMA Consumer Demand Index for Performance Products and Accessories. Formerly called PADI, short for Performance and Accessories Demand Index, the new name seeks to clarify the intent and purpose of the program. Archived and future reports will still be available by searching Consumer Demand Index or PADI.

Consumer optimism: The June 2009 Consumer Demand Index indicates in increasing demand for SEMA industry products over the next 90 days.

Last month, 826 interviews were conducted nationwide via Random Digital Dial (RDD) telephone survey, resulting in a 14 point increase in the Consumer Demand Index level from the previous month. At 46, the Index is at its highest point since September 2008, and this is the second consecutive month demand has increased.

The Consumer Demand Index is a weighted composite index, set to an initial value of 100 based on consumer demand levels benchmarked between January and March 2007.

The SEMA Consumer Demand Index for Performance Products and Accessories measures purchase intentions of consumers (both enthusiast and mainstream) over the following 90 days. As enthusiasts represent approximately 10-15% of U.S. drivers, the Index is likely to be an indicator of mainstream consumer demand for automotive specialty and performance products.

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