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Joel Ayres Promises to Shave Head for Charity

 Chrome Dome Joel Ayres
 What Joel Ayres might look like at the SEMA Installaton Banquet & Gala Fundraiser if the industry can raise $5,000 by Friday.

SEMA Cares Committee Chairman Joel Ayres has a habit of making promises when it comes to his support of charities. This time, the benefits will extend beyond the donations.

In an “I dare you” conversation, Ayres has committed to shaving his head for the SEMA Installation Banquet & Gala Fundraiser, August 1, in Pasadena, California, in exchange for $5,000 in donations to the SEMA Cares charities.

The Childhelp and Victory Junction Gang Camp charities have been the beneficiaries of Ayres' work for many years. Those who know him know of his strong dedication and commitment to children.

The SEMA Cares Committee, established by the SEMA Board of Directors in 2007, aims to bring the voice and resources of the SEMA community together to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Ayres will shave his head after the SEMA Board of Directors meeting, Friday, July 31. A video documenting this "hair-raising" event will later be available at

8x10 autographed “glossies” of Ayres “chrome dome” will also be available for all who donate $100 or more. For more information, contact Mike Spagnola.

To donate, click here.