Market Snapshot

The Top 10 Best New Exterior Accessories from the 2008 SEMA Show

Cargo solutions, cosmetic applications and a genuine train airhorn were among the new exterior accessories most popular with buyers at the 2008 SEMA Show. SEMA used a new digital tracking method at the 2008 New Products Showcase, allowing buyers to scan product barcodes and receive product details via printout or e-mail.

Manufacturers entered 201 new products in the Best New Exterior Accessory category, and buyers made more than 3,000 scans requesting additional product information. Who was doing all that scanning? Retailers logged more than 9,400 scans; warehouse distributors, 3,900; repair/service/installers, 3,900; and builders/fabricators, 3,500.

Following are the top 10 exterior accessory products that were of most interest to buyers:

1: Big Time Auto Parts/Austin Int'l 4-Channel Vehicle Monitor System

Compact four-channel camera system plays and records real-time images. Profile allows for easy concealment.

Big Time Auto Parts/Austin Int'l: 310-513-8222

Big Time Four-Channel Monitor System

2: Tricplate Switchable License Plate Film

Switchable transparent/privacy film technology for car, truck, and motorcycle license plates. Conceals any license plate via remote fob.

3: AnchorTrax Cargo Kit

Mounts anywhere on truck bed or cargo trailer to secure cargo. Each loop holds 1,000 pounds.

AnchorTrax Cargo Kit

4: Young Sun USA 3D Letter

Chrome color with sticker-type letter for sticking on license plate frame and front, side and rear areas.

3D Letter

5: PlasmaGlow LED Headlight Strobes

Shown here in countertop display, demonstrating the brightness and intensity of LED headlight strobes.

PlasmaGlow LED strobe kit

6: Husky Liners Add-a-Vent

Available for several different makes and models, Add-A-Vent parts install on numerous vehicle body parts.

Husky Liners Add-a-Vent

7: Nathan Airchime Over the Road K5LA

An authentic train horn for over-the-road truck usage, made of cast aluminum.

Nathan Airchime

8: AnchorTrax 6-Foot Truck Kit

Mounts on the side bed-rails in pickup bed for securing cargo. Working load of 1,000 lbs. each loop.

AnchorTrax 6-Foot Truck Kit

9: Lund Int'l Seamless Vent Visors

New generation of luxury vent visors.

Seamless Vent Visors

10: Applied Coatings Int'l PaintFilm

Automotive paint that applies like vinyl. Durability and gloss of paint with the ease of application of vinyl.

ACI PaintFilm