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Innovators Wanted for the 2009 SEMA Show "Making Green Cool Zone"—Applications Now Available

 E85 Vette
 Corvette Racing's ethanol-powered C6.R campaigned in the 2008 American Le Mans season was a highlight of the 2008 SEMA Show's Making Green Cool Zone.

Applications are now available to exhibit in the Making Green Cool Zone at the 2009 SEMA Show, November 3–6 in Las Vegas.

The dedicated area inside the South Hall (upper level) of the Las Vegas Convention Center recognizes the specialty-equipment industry’s commitment to advancing green performance vehicles, products and solutions by showcasing those companies whose creativity and innovation in the development, deployment and marketing of green performance technologies prove that being environmentally friendly can also be cool.

As the government mandates higher mileage, consumers are demanding even better performance with increased mileage.

"The SEMA industry recognizes that being green is no longer limited to specific segments of the market," said John Waraniak, SEMA vice president of vehicle technology.

"The green performance revolution is well underway. Going green is no longer an option—nearly 85% Americans consider themselves environmentalists. SEMA wants to demonstrate that bringing more environmentally responsible vehicle technologies and products to the marketplace doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice performance and the ‘coolness’ factor."

The new generation of performance and clean diesels, advanced hybrid powertrains, extended range and pure electric vehicles represent blank canvases for the performance and specialty-equipment industry. Greening-up vehicles creates new and exciting business opportunities for SEMA members and the specialty-equipment industry.

The technology being put into alternative powertrain vehicles is quite advanced. Innovative SEMA-member companies, however, will find ways to make new and existing vehicles go farther and faster with lighter materials and wheels, tires with less rolling resistance, bearings and hubs with less friction, energy recovery systems, improved aerodynamics and more innovative ideas and products.

Many of these green vehicle technologies will be discussed with a panel of industry leaders and experts during the Driving Green Performance Vehicle Technology Briefing SuperSession, Tuesday, November 3, 2009. Available at no charge to all registered SEMA Show attendees, the seminar focuses on green performance and SEMA’s commitment to helping keep members informed about the latest vehicle technologies and opportunities associated with high-performance engineering energy and fuel efficiency.

The technology briefing seminar will also include an overview of a major industry research study that SEMA conducted with the Center for Automotive Research. The study focuses on the latest OEM powertrain strategies, platforms and new market segments, and how they will impact the SEMA industry.

To be eligible for the Making Green Cool Zone, vehicles, products and technologies must be aligned with one or more of the following categories:

  • High-Performance and Green Mobility
  • Current Powertrain Solutions
  • Future Powertrain Solutions
  • Vehicle Energy Management
  • Mobile Electronics for Green Mobility
  • Green Wheels Tires and Suspensions
  • Fast Tracking 35 mpg
  • Making Green Cool

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