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SATA Goes All-In With 2009 SEMA Show

 Lanzini Coupe at SATA Booth, 2009 SEMA Show
 Award-winning Lanzini '33 Coupe: one of the feature attractions planned for SATA's 2009 SEMA Show booth.

Reflecting the significance of SEMA’s decision to add a Paint, Body & Equipment section to the 2009 SEMA Show, SATA Spray Equipment/Dan-Am Company has chosen to hold its largest annual trade show exhibition at this year’s Show.

SATA, a European manufacturer of paint equipment, imported and distributed in the U.S. by Dan-Am, has demonstrated their support of the SEMA Show by promoting their Show participation in an industry-wide publication sent to thousands of contacts in the paint equipment industry last month. 

The company says in its newsletter that with the addition of the Paint, Body & Equipment section, the SEMA Show is “the perfect opportunity to focus exclusively on one show in Vegas.”

For additional information regarding SATA and their participation at the SEMA Show, visit

SATA's booth will feature the Lanzini Stella D’Oro, the ’33 Ford Coupe that won Best in Class at the 2009 Autorama in Detroit, as well as one or more of Chip Foose’s creations (and Foose autograph sessions), and the SATAjet, a custom bike built by Kris Krome.

Debuting this year, the Paint, Body & Equipment section in the North Hall will feature vehicle paint booths, prep stations, bodywork, frame machines, spray guns and safety/filtration/breathing apparatus, coating/refinishing products, services and publications.

The section builds on already strong buyer interest. At the 2008 SEMA Show, more than 3,700 buyers registered as paint/body repair/reconditioning/restoration buyers. More than 3,600 with related interests registered as body and collision parts buyers.