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SEMA Campaign Targets Mobile Electronics Buyers

  Mobile Electronics
 Part of SEMA's outreach to mobile electronics includes print ads in key industry publications.

The Mobile Electronics & Technology section of the SEMA Show is located in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center showcasing audio, video, GPS, satellite radio, wireless connectivity, security, radar detection products and many more related automotive technology accessories.

Over 17,500 domestic and 5,500 international buyers walking through the doors of the Show expressed interest in mobile electronic products when they pre-registered in 2008.

At the 2008 SEMA Show, approximately 158 exhibitors indicated that they manufacture mobile electronics products, more than 3,309 attendees expressed interest in their products and more than 8,697 attendees swiped badges at those specific exhibitors’ booths. In total there were 101,930 scan swipes made at North Hall exhibitors’ booths.

On the marketing front, SEMA is employing highly targeted methods to attract mobile electronics product buyers to this year’s SEMA Show. The extensive, multi-channel marketing is targeting not only past attendees, but also fresh new prospects that have never attended the SEMA Show.

“Number one on any buyer’s list of goals for the SEMA Show is to see new products," says Dan Hobgood, SEMA Senior Director of Marketing. "Our targeted e-mail and direct mail to buyers emphasizes all the new products they’ll see at the Show, many of which are conveniently located in the New Products Showcase. We also include mobile electronics industry information, exhibitors that have already signed up and education sessions that key in on that buyer group’s interests.”

The adjacent full-page, four-color ads featuring the Mobile Electronics & Technology section of the Show are already running in major mobile electronics industry trade publications. Banner ads are also running on trade websites.

From the hundreds of thousands of direct mailers, e-mails and voicemails the message is clear: there is no better place to find everything you need to work smarter and increase sales than at the SEMA Show. As the ad says, the SEMA Show truly is “Like a Pit Stop for Your Business”.

View specific details on the entire 2009 SEMA Show attendee buyer marketing campaign here.

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