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Spy Shots–The Chevy Viva: A Well-Timed Arrival for the New GM?

Chevy Viva

Brenda Priddy's spy lenses caught this forthcoming small car offering from GM. Priddy says insiders and enthusiasts have dubbed it both the next-gneration Chevy Aveo or the Chevy Lecetti. But Priddy says that recent internet chatter has pegged it as the Chevy Viva, reported to be an American-built GM answer to the Ford Fiesta. It is currently scheduled to arrive in 2010.

As demand grows for compact fuel-efficiency, the Viva—or whatever the General decides to call it—looks to be a well-timed arrival for the New GM's lineup, and possibly for specialty-equipment companies geared for small-car accessorization and performance. Below is an artist's rendering of what the blank canvas may look like.

Chevy Viva

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