What Has SEMA Done for You Lately?

SEMA Launches Unprecedented Campaign to Reach Buyers

SEMA Show ad
Buyers at the SEMA Show can literally tap into everything they need to keep their businesses strong.

The goal of this year’s marketing campaign “Like a Pit Stop for Your Business” is to inform buyers that the SEMA Show is the only place on the planet where they can tap into literally everything they need to keep their businesses strong.

The SEMA Show has it all: new products, relevant education, critical information, equipment and technology, fresh ideas and face-to-face networking with key manufacturers.

But most importantly, the SEMA Show instills the positive energy and inspiration that can re-energize buyers’ businesses, keep them thriving through these difficult times and be poised for explosive growth in the coming economic recovery.

“When we strategized with the SEMA marketing team, [SEMA President and CEO] Chris Kersting said something that inspired our creative team,” said Denise Paccione, president of Marketing Design Group, ad agency for the SEMA Show.

“We translated his comment, ‘SEMA is the industry’s partner; we’ve got your back,' into a metaphor that the industry would understand immediately: SEMA SHOW – Like a Pit Stop for Your Business.

"The visual of the concept pictures a re-energized SEMA Show attendee backed up by a pit crew representing the comprehensive resources of the SEMA Show, all at his disposal.”

Peter MacGillivray, SEMA vice president of communications and events, underscores the importance of communicating this message.

“SEMA has always been a dedicated industry partner, and this year it's critical that we get the word out about it,” MacGillivray said. “The industry needs a shot in the arm, and the SEMA Show can provide it.”

To ensure that happens, SEMA has planned a multi-tiered, multi-media marketing campaign designed to bring every segment of the industry together at the SEMA Show.

Target Audiences

  • Total High Quality Buyer Prospects: more than 220,000 domestic and international buyers (150,000 existing in SEMA database and 70,000 new from external resources)
  • Actual Annual Buyer Attendance for last four shows: 50,000–60,000
  • Eight Buyer Target Segments: Trucks/SUVs/Off-Road; Tires & Wheels; Racing & Performance; Hot Rod & Restoration; Mobile Electronics; Paint, Body & Equipment; Powersports & Utility Vehicles; and Restyling & Car Care Accessories

Distribution Channels

  • Bi-monthly press releases to industry media partners ensure maximum coverage in trade print, TV and online media channels (distribution ranges from 30 to more than 200 journalists depending on the nature of the release)
  • Monthly SEMA News magazine (30,000+ subscribers)
  • Show Daily (Pre-Show specific magazine to 40,000+)
  • Domestic trade shows and events (10-12 targeted shows and events with specific outreach to SEMA Show buyer attendee prospects)
  • International trade shows (including shows in Mexico City, Dubai and Beijing—all demonstrating exponential, multi-billion dollar specialty-equipment industry growth markets)
  • Major industry and niche market trade and consumer magazines (more than 70 domestic and 50 international)
  • Weekly SEMA eNews with relevant buyer messaging (more than 160,000 distribution)
  • Multiple voicemail broadcasts (more than 50,000 per broadcast)
  • Weekly targeted e-mail broadcasts to core and niche audiences (up to 100,000 per message) ensure we get the right message to the right mailbox
  • Multiple Direct Mailings to core and niche audiences (up to 150,000 per mailing)
  • SEMAShow.com

Marketing Campaign Elements

  • The adjacent print ad (general version, shown and seven targeted versions, not shown)
  • Easy-to-complete electronic registration form at www.SEMAShow.com/register
  • Banner ad with click through to the buyer registration page posted on SEMAShow.com and on strategically targeted domestic industry trade and consumer websites
  • Information landing page at www.SEMAShow.com
  • Travel page listing affiliated hotels and their locations
  • Letters of invitation to international buyers with helpful visa resources
  • International SEMA Show brochure (PDF)
  • Early registration self-mailers
  • “What’s New” postcards
  • 16-page comprehensive brochure
  • Promotional flyers for distribution at domestic and international trade shows
  • Banners and displays for domestic and international trade shows
  • Industry celebrity voice recording for voicemail broadcasts
  • Press releases
  • SEMA News editorial
  • eNews editorial
  • Targeted e-mails

Stay tuned to SEMA eNews for continuing updates on the 2009 SEMA Show buyer marketing campaign.