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Spy Shots: The New "Baby" Rolls-Royce—Yours for Only About a Quarter-Mil

Rolls-Royce Ghost

Auto spy photographer Brenda Priddy tells us that this is the forthcoming Rolls-Royce Ghost, the so-called "baby" Rolls expected to arrive in 2010 for the mere sum of between approximately 200,000–300,000 euros (USD $270,000–$410,000). Priddy notes that these shots show a developmental model that will use the same chiseled styling as the larger Phantom sedan, although much of the electronic componentry is expected to come from BMW's long-wheelbase 7 series.

The powerplant, however, will be uniquely Rolls-Royce. Despite some of the parts sharing, former Rolls CEO Ian Robertson said that the car "will have all the attributes and behavior of a Rolls-Royce." According to the automaker, the Ghost will be built on its own assembly line, but share paint, wood and leather workshops with the Phantom.

Robertson told reporters at the Geneva Motor Show that the introduction of the new "entry-level" model will likely double the automaker's annual output to roughly 1,600 cars. Current Rolls-Royce CEO Tom Purves added that the automaker will have increased its manufacturing workforce by 50% by the end of the year, largely to accomodate production of the Ghost.

Rolls Royce Ghost

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