Market Snapshot

Is the Market Beginning to Rebound? SEMA Members Say Yes

Monthy Sales Projection Chart
Signs of a rebounding market are looming in the distance as members predict sales to be flat in the coming months.

Late-spring and early-summer sales levels are projected to remain flat. According to data collected from the SEMA Benchmarking Program, 47.4% of retailers, 44% of manufacturers and 37.5% of distributors expect sales to be flat during May, June and July.

Retailers and distributors have a more optimistic sales outlook than manufacturers. Twenty-eight point one percent of distributors and 26.8% of retailers are projecting sales will increase over last year, while 19.8% of manufacturers expect to see an increase.

The retail segment had the most positive outlook, with nearly 75% projecting sales to either increase or remain even with last year. The manufacturing segment had the highest percentage, projecting a decrease from the previous year, with 36.3% expecting a drop in sales.

SEMA’s Benchmarking Program is a new tool developed to provide the industry with a gauge for the health of the market. Data is collected from members and compiled into an aggregated report that outlines the average performance of businesses within certain market niches. It also provides participating companies with an anonymous way to compare themselves to others in the industry.

To participate in the SEMA Benchmarking Program, click on the appropriate link below based on your companies general profile: manufacturer, distributor or retailer. The program benefits SEMA-member companies by giving them current industry-specific data. Participating companies are the first to receive the monthly SEMA Benchmarking Report, which summarizes data collected in the benchmarking questionnaire. The program is being undertaken by a secure third party, Hedges & Company, to ensure privacy and anonymity. For additional information about the program, contact

Source: SEMA Benchmarking Program questionnaires March 2009