North Carolina Introduces Bill to Implement Vehicle Scrappage Program

While hobbyists and related businesses have worked diligently to defeat proposals in Washington, D.C., to create a national Cash for Clunkers program, a bill (H.B. 1207) has been introduced in the North Carolina State Legislature that would implement a state vehicle scrappage program for passenger vehicles that are at least 14 years old.

Participants would receive around $1,000–$1,500 to scrap their car and purchase a current-year vehicle under 10,000 lbs., or one from the previous three model years. The participant’s family income must be less than 300% of the current federal poverty level. ALL trade-in vehicles could be destroyed, regardless of their historical value or collector interest.

If this effort is successful, hobbyists could be denied the availability of vintage cars and parts for restoration projects. For more information about the North Carolina vehicle scrappage program, click here.

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