Market Snapshot

1 in 3 Classic Pontiac Owners Plan to Race This Year

The Pontiac GTO (“The Judge”), shown here at the 2008 SEMA Show, was a favorite among performance enthusiasts and remains a classic. Owners of this and
other '60s- and '70s-era Pontiacs will race through 2009.

Owners of classic '60s and '70s Pontiacs were polled in the beginning months of the year about their automotive plans. Their responses illustrate a deep desire to participate in all levels of competition.

When asked about their commitment to racing events in 2009, the results were positive: 84% said that they would follow racing events on television or through the Internet, 65% would attend personally and 35% would strap in and participate themselves.

Moreover, the survey option for “no interest in racing” was left completely vacant. The top motorsport activity for this group is drag racing, from watching to attending. However, there was also interest in stock cars (i.e. NASCAR) and sprint (midget) car racing.

  The amount Pontiac owners plan to spend this year has increased over the amount they spent in 2008.

Since racing events are popular among owners of classic Pontiacs, it should come as no surprise that they plan to purchase high-performance parts to fuel their hobby. Of those surveyed, they claim to be planning a big year for upgrades.

In fact, the average amount they plan to spend in 2009 is higher than the amount they reported for 2008. Their next purchases should be on the minds of manufacturers, distributors and retailers that specialize in Pontiac vehicles.

Many of the items they have interest in purchasing next are performance modifications. The remaining items—mostly aesthetic—are also important and address the growing age of the vehicle. Dash kits, bumpers and relevant body kits also made the list. — SEMA Research & Information Center