Coming Trends to the Scion Market

Scion displayed this second-generation xB in its booth at the 2008 SEMA Show.

In the first week of April, SEMA initiated a study of Scion owners to gauge their impressions about future trends for the brand. In order to report the most current information as it is received, this article will briefly outline some of the preliminary results of the study. A complete report will supersede these results once the study has been completed.

Enthusiasts from the online automotive community, a brand-dedicated site founded for Scion owners and followers, were approached to submit feedback about their hobby and their vehicles. The following perceptions are based on this brand-specific, venue-targeted (online) audience and should be interpreted with these qualities in mind.

Participants were asked to rate two upcoming trends for 2009: segment popularity and macro-trends for the industry. In other words, enthusiasts were asked to define the segments they think will prosper in 2009 and the trends that will be popular regardless of segment. Scion owner data has been listed alongside results from typical compact-performance enthusiasts and the larger data pool of enthusiasts from every demographic. The feedback collected in these consumer-forecasted reports is an important barometer for what may lie ahead.

While compact-performance and race/motorsports vehicles were popular choices, the lesser obvious street-driven urban-style also stands out.

As a subset of the compact-performance niche, Scion owners predict the largest activity to be in their segment (85%). But they also are in alignment about their beliefs with racing and motorsports vehicles (32%). Where they differ, however, is in their appreciation of street urban style (32%).

As for non-segment specific trends, Scion owners hold consistent values with other enthusiasts. Their top three selections are in alignment with the other groups and illustrate a desire for affordable speed and getting their hands dirty: performance (57%), DIY mods (57%), budget builds (39%).

Like most enthusiasts, Scion owners want to perform well without breaking the bank. — SEMA Research & Information Center