Auto Executives Invited to Discover Collaborative Opportunities

As automakers and suppliers move toward increased collaboration with the SEMA market, members will want to be well positioned to develop and build on these partnerships. Designed for senior level executives in the automotive industry, the Automotive Customer Centricity Summit 2009 is a two-day event focused on customer retention, technologies and more.

Members will be able to learn valuable new business skills and collaborate with key players in the automotive market.

They will also be able to hear from SEMA Vice President of Vehicle Technology John Waraniak. As one of the key presenters of the event, Waraniak will explain how successful automakers are relying on lean customization, communization and collaboration to lower costs and quickly address fragmenting market segments without sacrificing product differentiation.

Waraniak will also note that innovative dealers are utilizing point-of-sale customization to perfectly match customer’s needs and profitably create a strong relationship.

The event takes place June 16–17, 2009, in Marina del Rey, California. Special discounted pricing is available for qualified SEMA members. Details are available by calling 415/553-4142 or visiting