What Has SEMA Done for You Lately?

Save Time and Marketing Effort with Member-Company Mailing Labels

Effective and efficient marketing has become more important than ever, and with exclusive access to purchase SEMA’s mailing labels and reports, members are able to benefit from a valuable, time-saving resource.

The mailing labels include the names and addresses of SEMA’s more than 7,000 member companies. Members can choose from 26 different categories, including car dealer, importer, installer/restyler, jobber, manufacturer, manufacturers' representative, retailer and warehouse/multiline distributor. Members can select one or all categories for a flat fee.

Members may also request a printed report along with their mailing labels. The report will reflect the same contact information provided by the mailing labels.

“Direct mail is still a very viable marketing channel," said Dan Hobgood, SEMA senior director of marketing. "Having access to key member companies is extremely valuable and should not be overlooked."

For more information on ordering mailing lists and labels, contact the SEMA Membership Department at member@sema.org or call 909/396-0289.

To learn more about the many SEMA-member benefits, visit http://www.sema.org/sema-membership-benefits.