$.02 Postage Increase Begins May 11

The cost of a first-class stamp will rise by $.02, to $.44, starting on May 11, 2009. Under a 2006 law, annual postal increases may not exceed the rate of inflation (3.8% for 2008). Annual price adjustments for first-class mail and periodicals occur in May. Increases for other shipping services occur in January.

The following is a summary of select new prices:

  • Letter, first ounce: $0.44
  • Large envelope, first ounce: $0.88
  • Parcel, first ounce: $1.22
  • Additional ounces: $0.17
  • Postcard: $0.28
  • First-class international letter to Canada, first ounce: $0.75
  • First-class international letter to Mexico, first ounce: $0.79
  • First-class international letter to all other countries: $0.98
  • Certified mail: $2.80

The price of a “Forever Stamp” will also increase to $0.44, but stamps purchased before May 11 at their current price of $.42 cents will always be honored since the stamp is not marked with a denomination. 

For the complete list of new prices: For further information, contact Stuart Gosswein at