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<i>SEMA News</i> Debuts in Digital Interactive Format


SEMA News February Issue  

A new digital edition of SEMA News is now available online by clicking here. Simply click on the magazine cover icon to access the fully interactive version of the February issue. All 140 pages are at your fingertips along with video highlights and a wide array of advanced viewing benefits. Clicking the bottom right-hand corner of the cover will open the issue, and users can continue turning each page by clicking the right-hand corner of each spread.

Readers can also turn to specific stories by entering the page number in the bottom navigation bar or by clicking on the story in the “Table of Contents” on page 4. The icon on the bottom left corner allows readers to view a thumbnail map of the entire issue. And finally, if you’re looking for stories about a specific subject, simply enter keywords related to the subject in the search bar at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

SEMA News advertisers will now enjoy added bonus distribution of 150,000 with the digital version of each issue. Additionally, they can now purchase and insert an FLV-formatted video within their ad copy.

For complete details and a demo, contact Joe Sebergandio at MOTOR MEDIA Inc., 818/248-4900 or