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SEMA Fights to Keep Johnson Valley, California, Open to Off-Roaders

SEMA submitted comments to the Department of Defense/U.S. Marine Corps regarding a potential expansion of the Marine Corps Combat Center at Twentynine Palms, in Johnson Valley, California. The Marine Corps contends that it needs additional land for training and may seek to incorporate the 189,000 acres in Johnson Valley which is currently devoted to off-highway (OHV) recreation.

The area is home to numerous competitive motorized events that draw thousands of competitors and spectators to the area every year. SEMA believes the loss of this area to OHV enthusiasts would have a serious negative impact on the OHV market, the enthusiast’s community and the local economy.   

SEMA recommended that the Marine Corps reassess the need for expansion, or expand into other adjacent areas that are not currently used for OHV events. If the OHV lands must be vacated, SEMA suggested that other nearby sites controlled by the Bureau of Land Management be considered or private lands be purchased for OHV use. 

SEMA will continue to work closely with other groups active in the OHV market and enthusiast community and with Department of Defense officials on this issue. The subject is of importance to the many SEMA members that market OHV products.

For more information, contact Brian Duggan