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SEMA Element Added to Established Automotive Summit

SEMA Vice President of Vehicle Technology John Waraniak is a featured presenter at the upcoming Automotive Customer Centricity Summit.

For the first time in its five-year history, the Automotive Customer Centricity Summit is dedicating a component of the event to the aftermarket industry. Designed for senior-level executives in the automotive industry, the two-day event features recognized leaders discussing innovative, successful customer-centric strategies and real-world results in an exclusive environment with limited vendor involvement.

SEMA Vice President of Vehicle Technology John Waraniak, and president and founder of Stillwater Designs Inc. (Kicker Audio, Soundgate Audio) Steve Irby, will headline the aftermarket discussions, focusing on the significant role of the aftermarket and how customization creates high customer satisfaction, strong brand loyalty and profits for both OEMs and dealers.

“We look forward to the addition of SEMA members to our agenda and audience,” said Jon Munzel, founder of Thought Leadership Summits, the organization that hosts the annual summit. “SEMA’s members have a ton of direct customer interaction. They operate where the rubber really meets the road. Their involvement will bring a new dimension of customer centricity to the summit, and everyone will benefit from their insights.”

In addition to the aftermarket, the Summit will touch on customer retention, online marketing, dealer CRM, demand management, collaborative marketing and fixed ops. The Summit, scheduled June 16–17, 2009, at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey, California, offers special pricing for SEMA members with an additional $400 discount for those who register by February 20.

To learn more or register, call 415/553-4142 or visit www.tlsummits.com/auto2009.