SEMA Chairman Jim Cozzie Issues a Challenge

The 2009 election cycle, including the choice of next chair-elect, is underway!

Last year at this time, thanks to all of you, the Nominating Committee was deluged with the largest field of potential candidates ever for consideration to serve the industry.

As SEMA members, it is our essential responsibility to provide ourselves with a full and qualified list of candidates to lead the industry through the next two years. Current business and economic climates seem to have slowed the flow of nominees. I do not have to tell you that in these challenging times, continuing to elect highly skilled Board members to provide leadership is more important than ever.

Reach out to qualified people you know, or are associated with, that have the right stuff to lead in challenging times. Nominate those interested folks you discover and assist the process in moving forward! Our businesses and our industry will be better for it.

We boast a membership count of 7,500 companies around the globe, a group rich in talent and skill. You know that as an industry we never back down from a challenge.

So I am issuing a challenge to the membership at large: eclipse the record number of nominees from 2008. Provide the highest level of leadership possible for our industry.

You up to it?

Thanks for your help,

Jim Cozzie
SEMA Chairman of the Board

Take a few minutes now to answer Jim's challenge. Nominate someone you know—even yourself—to SEMA's 2009 Board of Directors. Tell us about a potential nominee and their leadership background.

Nominations are due Tuesday, January 27, 2009. Please complete the nomination form (instructions below), and submit it to Nominating Committee Chairman Mitch Williams at or liaison Christine Papavero at

Be sure to include background information and qualifications to the Nominating Committee.

Click here to access the 2009 SEMA Board of Directors nomination form. The form is a writable PDF; please follow the instructions below to complete and return it. 

1: Place your mouse cursor over the text fields, and type in your responses as required.

2: When complete, go to File and select Save As...

3: You can keep the same file name or rename it, then save it to your computer.

4: Open your e-mail program (Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, etc.), compose an e-mail to Mitch Williams or Christine Papavero, and locate and attach the file before sending.