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SEMA Survey: Tell Us How Health Care Costs are Affecting Your Business

The elections are over, and Congress intends to make changes to a health care system that has left 27 million small-business owners, employees and dependents without insurance. SEMA is working on Capitol Hill to find answers, but we also need your feedback on possible solutions. 

SEMA urges you to take an electronic survey on options for improving access to health care coverage.

Click Here 

It takes only a few minutes to complete. All responses must be received by Friday, January 30.

  • Should employer-based health care remain the model for coverage?
  • What are the best ways to reduce premium costs but maintain high quality?
  • What tax incentives would help small businesses provide affordable coverage to workers?

The following survey will assist SEMA as it presses lawmakers to deliver health care solutions for our members. We need your guidance on a number of key issues that will affect your business, so your response is important.