At first glance, this development mule looks like the European Honda Accord Tourer. Not so, says spy snapper Brenda Priddy. Instead, Priddy says it is the long-rumored Accord-based crossover (looks like a wagon to us). While most of the body on this mule is non-production Priddy says, the front-end, grafted from a U.S. market Accord, is likely to end up in the final product.

We can also see fender flares that have been tacked onto the body and covered with tape that matches the color of the paint.

Priddy also notes that the fenders tacked onto the body indicate that the wheel track has been widened slightly, and the additional length of sheetmetal and glass suggest a final product longer than the Accord Tourer.

The new car is expected to start production late 2009 at one of Honda's Ohio plants. A teaser concept is expected at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. Powertrain options will likely include the 4- and 6-cylinder choices for current Accords or possibly the turbocharged 2.3L found in the current Acura RDX.

All-wheel drive is also a likely option; although not clear in the bottom photograph, separate photos reveal a stout rear differential.

"Latitude" is one rumored model name, although Priddy says Honda allowed that trademark to expire several months ago.