One of the world’s smallest cars, the smart fortwo, had an imposing presence at the 2008 SEMA Show.

It was not the first time the diminutive coupe featured at the Show, but it was the premier exhibition as a model for sale in the United States. Since going on-sale less than a year ago, the commuter car has had trouble meeting demand. There has been a steady wait for longer than the model has been on the market. In fact, the newcomer has been the only brand reporting positive sales figures for all of 2008.

Consumers continue to gobble them up and companies are beginning to use them as showpieces for their products and services. Representation at the SEMA Show was as could be expected from a vehicle with a large buzz factor; 23 tuned, modified and customized examples were found sprinkled around the exhibition space and as feature vehicles throughout the venue. This groundbreaking car is sure to be a trend-setting icon even as other microcars and subcompacts enter the market.

Exhibitors ranging from tire to exhaust manufacturers featured a smart fortwo in their SEMA Show displays.

Falken Tire Corporation

Razzi Corporation

WTW Inc./Giovanna, Gianelle, GFG

Black Deere Automotive

Auto Aftermarket Concepts (AAC)

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