SEMA research shows that enthusiasts who purchase custom exhausts for their vehicles will also purchase more efficient custom air intakes as well. Analysis of 2007 Automotive Lifestyles Survey data, which surveyed automotive enthusiast magazine subscribers last summer, shows high levels of cross-shopping among several product categories. Similar trends were observed with the 2008 Automotive Lifestyles Survey data as well, but the analysis to follow refers to last year’s data.

Below is an analysis of the top 15 products listed in the Have It/Plan to Buy section of the survey. The top 15 products include: exhaust kit/pipes/muffler; performance air filter replacement; performance tires; custom wheels; cold air intake; polishes and wax; performance fluids, oils and lubricants; springs/shocks/suspension/sway bars; exhaust headers; brake caliper/rotor kits; ignition wires/spark plugs; battery/battery wraps; performance brake kits; exterior lighting; and gauges.

If a respondent had one of these 15 products, we did an analysis to see what other products they had and what other products they planned to buy.

This is a valuable analysis to understand the relationships between unrelated products. This would be useful for SEMA-member retailers wanting to improve their in-store, online or catalog merchandising; manufacturers wanting to optimize their marketing or look for new products to manufacture; and publishers looking for editorial guidance.

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