The annual SEMA Show provides a platform for exhibitors to make announcements, showcase their newest products and unveil their latest debuts in the midst of an action-filled few days. Read below for a recap of Show highlights and announcements.

Day One of the 2008 SEMA Show

Topline Products
Featuring a fresh and contemporary take on mesh design, the Black Ice Alloys B5-Nemesis is new for 2009. Available in 20x8.5 and 22x8.5 sizes for most passenger-car applications, the B5-Nemesis features the highly coveted black and chrome finish that is exclusive to Black Ice Alloys.

Autonet Mobile
Delphi Corp. and Autonet Mobile announced an agreement today to market and develop Internet-connectivity technology products for original-equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Delphi and Autonet Mobile are developing the next-generation telematics platform that will deliver entertainment, downloadable content and many other forms of media that will generate a new ecosystem of revenue for OEMs.

Visualeyes, U.S. Inc.
Visualeyes introduced Razer RS, its newest wide-beam driving light designed specifically for the high-performance car driver and enthusiast. Featuring a carbon-fiber veneer, the innovative wide-beam light provides a clean, sleek design to match the look and feel of high-performance cars.

American Honda Motor Co.
Honda introduced a 2009 Fit equipped with MUGEN accessories today along with the announcement that beginning next spring, Honda will make a complete new line of MUGEN accessories available for the 2009 Fit on an à la carte basis through authorized Honda dealers. Honda also revealed a Civic Honda Factory Performance (HFP) Concept sedan that represents a new approach on performance improvement. With more consumer concern about fuel prices, future customers may want to maximize the performance of their vehicles without compromising fuel economy. In the truck display area, the 2009 Ridgeline Powersports Concept represents what Ridgeline owners could build using currently available Honda Genuine Accessories.

Kia Motors America
Kia unveiled several tricked-out concept vehicles, including the Soul Burner, which was designed with a hardcore attitude meant for those who live freely and enjoy life. KOUP offers a look into Kia Motors’ evolving design direction with its slanting exterior shape. The Borrego Limited concept extends from the all-new 2009 Borrego midsize SUV, offering four-wheel drive and a sexy stance that’s perfect for urban excursions. The Rio5—designed specifically for the SEMA Show—is truly a tuner’s car with a KMA-genuine body kit, cat-back exhaust and side sills.
DuPont Hot Hues
DuPont Hot Hues unveiled two never-before-seen custom vehicles: a ’56 Chevrolet Nomad and a ’51 Henry J. Both are finished in DuPont Hot Hues, a line of custom finishing products that includes special two- and three-stage basecoat colors, concentrated candy dyes and other special-effect finishes, such as Hot Efx Brilliantz and Hot PinStripe Efx.

Line-X Protective Coatings
Line-X Protective Coatings was presented with the 2008 Product of the Year Award for its Re-New product by Frost & Sullivan. Re-New is a bedliner enhancement system used to repair any brand of spray-on bedliner. With the economy in a slump and consumers spending less on discretionary items, this low-cost alternative to a new bedliner offers truck owners the appearance and performance of a new bedliner for a fraction of the cost of having the vehicle detailed.

General Tire
General Tire debuted a new DOT-approved off-road tire and will recap its wildly successful return to off-road desert racing.

Ford Motor Company
Ford unveiled the 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, a product of the Special Vehicle Team (SVT). Better known for making cars and trucks go fast on the street, SVT focused on making the Raptor go as fast as possible in the dirt. When it goes on sale next summer, the SVT Raptor will introduce Ford’s all-new 6.2L V8, which is expected to develop 400 hp and 400 lb.-ft. of torque. The Raptor will also introduce the general public to things, such as internal bypass shocks and locking differentials that still work at 80 mph.

Yokohama Tire Corp.
Yokohama introduced the next-generation tire in its ADVAN Ultra-High-Performance line: The ADVAN Neova AD08. Also on display were Yokohama’s environmentally friendly tires: the dB Super E-Spec and the Experimental Eco Race Tire. The dB Super E-Spec, a passenger tire, and the Eco Race Tire (for the track) use Orange Oil and significantly less petroleum.

Day Two of the 2008 SEMA Show

Volkswagen of America Inc. (VW) debuted a race car and its performance Jetta TDI sibling—two exciting versions of the all-new CC and a hot performance Tiguan that blows away the competition—all to illustrate how its growing lineup can be transformed into unique high-performance, one-of-a-kind vehicles. The Tiguan Performance Concept boasts a three-stage turbocharger kit that will hike output to 312 hp and torque to 319 lb.-ft. VW has also outfitted the vehicle with an aero body kit and a Rockford Fosgate audio system. The CC Gold Coast Edition makes a second public appearance, following its debut in August at Pebble Beach, featuring a ground-effects body kit with a luxurious tricoat finish. Volkswagen also unwrapped the 2009 Jetta TDI Cup Street Edition Concept. The diesel-powered sport sedan gets upgraded sway bars and brakes from the Euro-spec Jetta GLI and a “European sport-tuned suspension,” along with some cosmetic enhancements, such as a three-spoke steering wheel, sill plates and Interlagos sport seats.

Craftsman introduced its new series of products, which provides everything needed for total garage organization. Craftsman now offers configuration ideas with a 6-ft. workbench, five-drawer workbench module, floor and wall cabinets, along with a selection of cool magnetic panels to customize the garage. Craftsman’s new VersaTrak Trackwall and wide selection of HOOKTITE hooks and baskets can organize all types of garage gear. VersaTrak comes with organizers for extension cords, stick tools, step tools, aerosol cans, bicycle trimmers and more.

Gale Banks Engineering
Gale Banks unveiled his new twin-turbo sidewinder top diesel dragster aimed at 200 mph in the quarter-mile. Using a Duramax 6.6L mill not unlike Banks’ S-10 oilburner—already capable of hitting 180 mph in the quarter—output is expected at well over 1,000 hp and 1,000 lb.-ft. of torque.

BASF and Chip Foose
Chip Foose introduced his new partnership with BASF to create his own line of “Foose Signature Colors” under BASF brand names R-M and Glasuirt. The new signature BASF colors are featured on his newest masterpiece, the “Terra Cuda.”

Hypertherm, the leader in plasma arc metal-cutting technology unveiled its Powermax45, the world’s most versatile and portable 1/2-inch plasma cutting and gouging system. From body panels to mounting plates for engine-test stands, the 37-lb. Powermax45 is the only plasma cutter people who repair, restore or customize cars and trucks trucks will ever need.

Race Ramps/Brute Industries
Race Ramps introduced its patented Portable Pit Stop Ramp which provides a quick, simple and safe way to access the underside of a car or truck—in nearly any location. The Portable Pit Stop is simple to transport as it is very lightweight (the complete system is 230 lbs. and no single piece weighs more than 40 lbs.), and the pieces nest together to form a compact unit that’s easily carried in a vehicle or trailer. The ramp system is also quick and easy to set up, with only six major components per side and is adjustable to accommodate vehicle wheelbases ranging from 98–110 inches.

Talegator Distributors LLC
Talegator demonstrated the Talegator patented seating system, the only one of its kind in the world,which is designed to fit all pickup tailgates.

STS Turbo
STS Turbo unveiled the new 750hp Twin-Turbocharged STS C6 Corvette performance package, built on the C6 platform with complete performance and comfort.

Designed exclusively for the motorcycle enthusiast, Piloti has developed its all-new Moto Collection (Moto 800 and MotoWerks) of boots with the same high-quality craftsmanship and all-day comfort Piloti customers expect. With attention to achieve a balance of both design and performance features, the Moto 800 and MotoWerks collections create a point of difference from the competition with the ability to wear the boots both on and off the bike.

Topline Products
Topline Products introduced the B-6 Crossfade—the latest premiere in its 2009 wheel collection. Utilizing its exclusive black- and chrome-finish technology, the B-6 Crossfade incorporates a multisplit, 10-spoke design and is available to fit most passenger-car and truck/SUV applications.

Day Three of the 2008 SEMA Show

Westin Automotive Products Inc.
Westin Automotive has introduced over 30 new products into its product line and two new product categories—off-road & body trim. Included in the body trim, Wade Automotive has partnered with Westin and is now a part of the Westin Family of brands. In addition, Westin has purchased the assets of T-Max LLC Winches and Accessories, now included in Westin Off-Road Products. Westin also kicked off a new jobber-level loyalty program with great sign-up prizes and drawings.

Hankook Tire
Hankook unveiled its new Ventus R-S3 extreme ultra-high performance tire designed for tuner and performance enthusiasts. The new tire will hit dealer shelves early in 2009. As a successor to the track-proven Ventus R-S2 and complement to the Ventus Z214 racing tires, Hankook has applied its latest motorsports technology to improve dry grip performance by 30%. In addition, Hankook launched Kontrol Technology to the U.S. market—a philosophy as well as a set of proprietary innovations—developed by Hankook to ensure controlled driving experiences.

REGEN EV Shocks introduced a regenerative suspension system on a “Green” Chevrolet Blazer. REGEN EV Shocks are hydraulic-electric generators. Hydraulic pressure from vehicle weight powers a gear motor and generator to recharge a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) battery bank stored underneath the vehicle. Variations in travel terrain (road bumps) cause the REGEN EV Shock to effectively “pump” hydraulic fluid into a piston accumulator, which then actuates a solenoid valve after a certain level of fluid pressure is reached. The pressurized fluid released then turns a gear linked to the hydraulic motor to generate electricity and regenerate the PHEV batteries WHILE DRIVING!

Tire Profiles
Tire Profiles announced the innovative TAC (Tread Analysis-Condition-Scan) Tire tread and wear scanner. New to the market, Tire Profiles introduces laser diode measurement technology to shop and fleet tire diagnostics. Through a special laser/software combination developed from expertise gained in Formula 1 racing, tire diagnostics are now possible using scientifically derived data. This laser/software package makes non-contact measurement of tire tread and wear both accurate and reportable. TAC-Scan provides a totally new method to analyze, diagnose root-cause problems and trend tire performance.

Race Car Dynamics
RCD Suspension, a division of Race Car Dynamics Inc. recently announced the release of its new line of lowered suspension systems for light truck and SUV applications. Twelve new lowering suspension systems have been released that cover nearly every major manufacturer, including: Chevy/GMC, Dodge, Ford, Nissan and Toyota vehicles.

Vortech Engineering
Vortech Engineering introduced the new Vortech VL Compressor, the company’s first ever positive displacement supercharger for GM and Ford vehicle applications.

Performance Friction Brakes
The company has repurposed its hard-won racing braking expertise for aftermarket enthusiasts' performance vehicles. Performance Friction Z-Rated Brake Pad pads are an extension of the Carbon Metallic brand, specifically engineered for high-performance and/or severe-duty usage. Whether you drive a BMW, Corvette, Honda or Mustang or you tow tons of weight with an F-350, Z-Rated is engineered to deliver safety and performance under even the most severe conditions.

Snow Performance
Snow Performance had a special guest presentation by Scott Bentz of Cummins. Scott discussed the new MPG-MAX Diesel water methanol injection system-mechanisms and fuel-economy data with diesel. Snow Performance founder Matt Snow and special guest Richard Holdener also introduced the new MPG-MAX for gasoline applications, its mechanisms and fuel-economy results.

Iron Horse BBQ: “New Infrared BBQ Offering 'Green Grilling'”
With its gas-propelled grilling and smart design, this custom-built themed barbecue turns heads everywhere, and it is the latest in green grilling.

CON2R introduced its patent-pending “Boxed I-Beam" construction system, which is a frame that is built to match the exact frame profile and width requirements to match your vehicle design, suspension type and ride height. Whether it’s a replacement that follows the contours of the original or a completely unique design that will fit only your one-off custom build, CON2R can create it for you.