Even in the sour state of the 2008 economy, the merger and acquisition environment holds promise for visionary specialty-equipment companies bold enough to explore its opportunities. Equity fund investment groups, flush with cash from retiring baby boomers looking for sound investments, are ready to invest in specialty automotive businesses.

Whether it’s to expand, consolidate or sell your business, learn how you can tap into this capital wellspring by attending “Prepare for Sale: Specialty Vehicle M&A Environment,” one of more than 60 free seminars at the 2008 SEMA Show.

Learn how to mitigate the risks involved when buying or affiliating with a weaker competitor, and focus on the acquisitions or joint ventures that deliver untapped or under-served niches.

More and more those niches exist in overseas markets. Yet establishing export markets—dealing with national regulations, foreign legal issues, payment protection, not to mention working through language barriers—can prove costly and frustrating.

But the payoff can mean the difference between survival and insolvency, especially as domestic markets sag. Thousands of well-heeled international investors are ready to unite with innovative specialty-equipment businesses. Learn how to tap into this international capital and leverage your strengths as an American company, seen in the world’s developing markets as the leading innovators of specialty-equipment products.

Title: “Prepare for Sale: Specialty Vehicle M&A Environment”


  • Deborah L. Douglas, Managing Director, Douglas Group, and author (“Cashing In,” “Ripe,” spring 2009)
  • Tom Marx, Marx Group

Date/Time: Monday, November 3, 10:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Room N254

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