SHOW DAYS:  Tuesday, November 4–Friday, November 7

Election Day: The SEMA Show opens on Election Day. Be sure to get your absentee ballot and vote!


October 3

  • Booth Food Service (Advance Rate)
  • Fabric Solutions/TotalFlex
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Models/Booth Personnel (Advance Rate)
  • New Product Awards Entry (Online Only)
  • Sponsorship Materials Due
  • Vehicle Detailing (Advance Rate)

October 10

  • Carpet & Cleaning Order (Advance Rate)
  • Copy/Printing Services (Discount Rate)
  • Electrical Order (Advance Rate)
  • Exhibitor Insurance
  • Freeman Accessories (Advance Rate)
  • Freeman Credit Card Authorization
  • Hanging truss, Chain Hoist, Lighting & Stagehand Labor (Advance Rate)
  • Telephone/Internet Order (Advance Rate)
  • Labor, Installation & Dismantle
  • Material Handling Order Form
  • Method of Payment Form
  • Office Equipment Rentals (Advance Rate)
  • Rental Exhibit Order (Advance Rate)
  • Rigging Equipment Labor Order
  • Safety Container Rental (Advance Rate)
  • Security Guard Service (Advance rate)
  • SEMA Internship Program Application
  • Special Signs & Graphics (Advance Rate)
  • Standard Furniture Order (Advance Rate)
  • Target Time Changes
  • Third Party Payment (Freeman)
  • Utilities—Air/Water/Drain Order (Advance Rate)
  • Last day to sign up for a Feature Vehicle.

Attention North Hall and Central Hall Exhibitors:
We have created a second Show Management office. It will be located on the second floor, above the Grand Lobby, next to the Members Lounge. 

What Can Your Floor Manager Do for You:
Floor managers are assigned to each hall and in many cases they have worked the same area of the Show for a number of years. They are your on-site resource and can help with questions about freight, move-in, move-out, booth vehicles and display regulations, and they can assist you if you encounter a challenge. 

As an exhibitor, you have made a serious investment in the SEMA Show. If a non-exhibiting manufacturer is walking the aisles trying to reach buyers, please contact your floor manager immediately. You will receive their contact information in your booth during set-up. 

Feature Vehicles
The deadline to apply for a feature vehicle at the 2008 SEMA Show has been extended to October 10.

Booth Vehicles
Booth vehicles are not subject to target times. You should bring them in AFTER your target time to ensure that the carpet and visqueen is down (if ordered). There are NO spotting fees.

To get your car into your booth, just go to the nearest freight door and a Freeman representative will guide you into your booth. Need to know the nearest freight door to your booth? Call 702/450-7662, ext. 123. 

Vehicles absolutely CANNOT be started during the Show. All batteries and alarms must be disconnected. Gas tanks must be less than 1/4-tank full or contain five gallons, whichever is less. For the safety of the people attending the Show and to preserve the beauty of the vehicle in your booth, please make sure it is at least 10 inches in from the aisle. 


Target Date Change Deadline:  October 10
Show Management establishes target dates for your freight to arrive (this does not apply to hand-carry freight). Target dates and times are listed in Tab 2 of the online Exhibitor Service Manual. If you need to change your target date to allow more time to set up or would like it later so you don't have to spend so much on hotel rooms, please contact Ron Pickens at Freeman at ron.pickens@freemanco.com to request a time change. All requests need to be in by October 10. You will be advised if a request can be granted.


Calculating Material Handling
Estimate your material handling by going to www.SEMAShow.com and clicking on the blue star that says “Click here for Exhibitor Services Manual.” If you have not registered to use the Exhibitor Services Manual, you must do so to use this feature. Once on the website, click on MATERIAL HANDLING and enter your information. The system will give you an estimate for shipping to the warehouse and shipping to the Show site.

Hand Carry Freight
SEMA and Freeman have expanded the Free Hand Carry/Cart Service program from 500 lbs. to 1,000 lbs. If you arrive on-site at the SEMA Show with less than 1,000 lbs. of freight, Freeman labor will deliver your freight to your booth for FREE. This service will be available Saturday, November 1; Sunday, November 2, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.; and on Monday, November 3, 8:00 a.m.–2:30 p.m. This program is only available to companies with 1,000 lbs. of freight or less.

All information regarding this free service can be found in the Exhibitor Services Manual website under Tab 14. If you have any further questions regarding freight-handling assistance at the SEMA Show, please contact Show Management at 702/450-7662, ext. 123.

SAVE MONEY! Look under Tab 14 of the online Exhibitor Services Manual for great tips on how to package your freight that will save you money, not only for the transportation but the freight handling on-site. Customer Service at Freeman will also be able to answer any questions you may have at 702/407-4694.

Marshalling Yard
Drivers who need to unload materials from a freight door must check-in at the Freeman Marshalling Yard before coming to the Las Vegas Convention Center. The new location for the Freeman Marshalling Yard is 8801 Las Vegas Boulevard South. CLICK HERE review the map and driving directions. 


Deadline: October 10
Please be sure if you are ordering electrical for your booth that you specify where you want the outlets if you are in a peninsula, split island or island booth. You should submit a diagram along with your order to confirm placement. Electrical order forms are in Tab #16 of your Exhibitor Service Manual. NOTE: If you are ordering a card reader, an electrical line may be required. 


Sample menus are available online at www.ps.aramark.com/lasvegascc. Contact one of the following Aramark representatives (depending on the hall where your booth is located) for pricing and to order catering for your booth or for a media conference scheduled within your booth. 

Please note contact changes for Aramark personnel:

North Hall—Keziah Calmese: calmese-keziah@aramark.com or 702/943-6902

Central Hall—Paris Magasiny: magasiny-paris@aramark.com or 702/943-6904

South Halls—Emily Pittinger: pittinger-emily@aramark.com or 702/943-6849

SEMA has worked hard this year to ensure that there are hotel rooms in every price point available to Show attendees and exhibitors. The list of AAIW Official Hotels can be found at www.SEMAShow.com/travel. Make all your hotel reservations online, or call the AAIW Housing Bureau at 800/967-8852 or 847/948-6789.

Do you need audio visual for your booth or meeting room? Freeman Audio Visual is the SEMA Show preferred contractor. They may be reached at 702/352-1484.