Market Snapshot


Sales of new SUVs are down 34 percent compared to 2007, according to January through August sales figures. CUV sales have declined by a mere five percent. The Chevrolet Tahoe and Jeep Wrangler are the top SUV sellers so far. These two also top the list of enthusiast favorites according to the latest SEMA Automotive Lifestyles Survey.

Recent results show that both SUV and CUV owners spent about $2,600 on average in the last 12 months personalizing their vehicles. Topping the favorite products list: plus-size tires, suspension parts, performance air filter replacements and custom exhaust systems.

Consumers seem to have switched their vehicle-buying preferences from SUVs to smaller and more fuel-efficient CUVs. Crossovers generally offer buyers comparable room and versatility to SUVs, despite sacrificing towing and hauling capabilities. Although CUVs are in their infancy in terms of enthusiast appeal, SEMA-member companies have been manufacturing and selling specialty equipment for CUV owners, both enthusiasts and mainstream consumers. According to a SEMA-member survey from earlier this year, more than 40 percent of those surveyed manufacture, distribute or sell specialty equipment targeted to CUV owners.

The tables above and below show which SUVs and CUVs are top sellers. Vehicles on these lists could provide the means for future revenue streams as these vehicle buyers look for products to enhance the comfort, performance and fuel economy of their rides.

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