SHOW DAYS: Tuesday, November 4*—Friday, November 7, 2008

*Don’t forget: Election Day is November 5, so make sure to secure an absentee ballot if you plan to vote. Contact your local county voter registration office for information. 


September 5

  • Exhibit Space Design Notification
  • Hanging Sign Design Notification Order
  • International Buyers Guide Complimentary Listing
  • Directory Advertising Materials Due
  • International Buyers Guide Advertising Materials Due
  • Project Vehicle Builders
  • Show Directory Listing Information

September 19

  • Celebrity Appearance Notification
  • Exhibitor Registration Due by Mail or Fax – (To Receive Badge in Mail)

September 25

  • Exhibitor Registration Due online (To Receive Badges in Mail)

The complete SEMA Show 2008 Exhibitor Services Manual is now available online! You should have received an e-mail with a direct link to the Exhibitor Services Manual. The Exhibitor Services Manual is available 24/7 at www.SEMAShow.com. It’s never been easier to order services for your SEMA Show booth. You do not need to register or log-in to download the forms on this website, unless you're ordering services directly from Freeman.

Rather than sharing one hard-bound Exhibitor Services Manual as has been required in the past, you can forward this webpage to others in your organization so that everyone can conveniently download the forms they require to have a successful Show.  

Important: All the forms for all contractors, SEMA and Show Management are available under the “FORMS & BROCHURES” link located in the left column of the online services manual.

Note: This year we will not automatically mail the hard copy of the Exhibitor Services Manual. If you need assistance or wish to order a hardcopy or CD-ROM of the Exhibitor Services Manual, please contact SEMA Show Management at 702/450-7662, ext. 120 or e-mail Show Management at Exhibit-SEMA@ConvExx.com.

If this is your first time using Freeman online and you intend to order products or services from Freeman, click on the LOGIN link to register. If you misplaced your Freeman Online password, contact Freeman Exhibitor Services Department at 702/407-4696.

CLICK HERE to access the Exhibit Space Design Notification form (or refer to Tab #3 of the online Exhibitor Services Manual). Send this in along with a rough sketch of your exhibit so Show Management can approve your booth design or suggest any necessary changes BEFORE you get to Las Vegas. This will save your company time and possibly money, not to mention the hassle of altering your booth design at the last minute.
Having a hanging sign in a peninsula or split island booth can be tricky. Be sure to send in a rendering of your design using the provided form or CLICK HERE to access it. Let us check it out before you get to Las Vegas to be sure it will work within your booth space. Perimeter linear booths may have flat hanging signs. Please keep in mind that linear booths may not have hanging signs. Questions? Please call 702/450-7662, ext.123.

When shipping your hanging sign, it must be shipped separately from your booth using the Hanging Sign Shipping label located in Tab #14. Shipping separately is less expensive and will help Freeman hang your sign in a timely manner. 

Target Date Change Deadline: October 10
Show Management establishes target dates for your freight to arrive (this does not apply to hand-carried freight). Target dates and times are listed in Tab #2 of the online Exhibitor Service Manual.  If you need to change your target date to allow more time to set up or would like it later so you don't have to spend so much on hotel rooms, please contact Ron Pickens at Freeman at ron.pickens@freemanco.com to request a time change. All requests need to be in by October 10. You will be advised if a request can be granted. 
Will a race car driver, industry icon, TV personality, pop idol, international superstar or any other celebrity or famous vehicle be appearing in your booth? Let SEMA help you promote it. Go to Tab #11 in the Exhibitor Services Manual to complete the notification application, and we may post your information on the SEMA Show website or post it in the Media Center. For more information, contact Lisa Schafer: lisas@SEMA.org or 909/396-0289 ext. 181

Do you need your booth vehicle or feature vehicle detailed for the Show? Please see Tab #12 in your Exhibitor Service Manual to order detailing services. Make sure your car is sparkling during the SEMA Show!

If you are ordering electrical for your peninsula, split island or island booth, please be sure to specify where you want the outlets. You should submit a diagram along with your order to confirm placement. Electrical order forms are in Tab #16 of your Exhibitor Service Manual.

Deadline: September 26
Don’t be shut out of SEMA’s most visible promotional opportunity. Submit your Feature Vehicle Application online at www.SEMAShow.com/featurevehicle today. Vehicles must be unique and aligned with the industry. Want more information? Contact featurevehicle@ConvExx.com.

Vehicle Daily Wipe-Down Program—Tab #12
Sign up for the Vehicle Daily Wipe-Down Program, offered to the first 200 applicants. Deadline is October 3. Service is limited to one vehicle per exhibitor.

It is SEMA’s objective to ensure proper protection of intellectual property rights of its members and Show exhibitors. This includes the protection of trademarks, service-marks, copyrights and patents. With the support of the SEMA Board of Directors, a stringent policy has been put in place. Every effort will be made to eliminate product conflicts and protect those that have legal rights to the products involved.

If you suspect another company has copied your product or has infringed on your legal rights, please review the information in Tab #3 and contact Show Management, 702/450-7662, ext. 104 or cschwartz@convexx.com.

The U.S. Department of Commerce presents MARKETPLACE, an opportunity to meet U.S. Department of Commerce Automotive Specialists working in U.S. embassies as part of the Foreign Commercial Service. Commercial Specialists from countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Caribbean and Latin America will be on hand to present you with a review of their respective markets, offer one-on-one consultations on export opportunities for your products, and discuss products sought by their respective delegations.

MARKETPLACE is an open event with no pre-scheduled appointment required. We encourage you to walk in and meet with Commercial Specialists from the countries that interest you most. At that time, you may also schedule an appointment for further consultation.

MARKETPLACE is especially tailored for exhibitors and will take place in Room S232 (Skybridge between Central and South Halls) from 7:30 a.m.–9:00 a.m.

Wednesday, November 5: Latin America/Caribbean
Thursday, November 6: Europe/Africa/Asia/Middle East

Exhibitor Registration is now open! Registration is available online at www.SEMAshow.com. Additional badges required over the allocated amount are $15 per badge. Please note that exhibitor registration onsite is $15 per badge, regardless of any remaining allotment. Unique individual e-mail addresses are required to complete registration for booth personnel. In order to receive a badge, each registrant is required to confirm their e-mail address once registration is complete. If the e-mail is not confirmed prior to the badge mailing, the badges will be held for pick up at the Show. 

If you did not receive your exhibitor registration password via e-mail, please contact customer service at SEMA-Reg@convexx.com or call 702/450-7662, ext. 120.

Registration for attendees continues to be strong, and thousands of new buyers are planning on attending the SEMA Show this fall. Attention from the international community has never been greater, and we look forward to another successful Show this year. Please make sure you plan accordingly, including taking advantage of all the outreach opportunities made available to exhibitors through the Center for International Commerce and other resources around the SEMA Show, so your company can capture the best leads possible.

You can find much of the information in the online Exhibitor Services Manual, or feel free to contact SEMA Show Management at 702/450-7662, ext. 120.

Want your company to stand out in the crowd? SEMA offers several ways to give you that opportunity by becoming a sponsor at the Show. This is a great way to promote your company and your sponsorship dollars go right back into the automotive aftermarket industry. Contact Motor Media Inc.: 818/248-4449. 


Calculating Material Handling
Estimate your material handling by going to www.SEMAshow.com and clicking on the blue star that says “Click Here for Exhibitor Services Manual." Once on the website, click on MATERIAL HANDLING and enter your information. The system will give you an estimate for shipping to the warehouse and shipping to Show site (you will need to log onto the website to use this feature). 

Hand Carry Freight
SEMA and Freeman have expanded the Free Hand Carry/Cart Service program from 500 lbs. to 1,000 lbs. If you arrive on-site at the SEMA Show with less than 1,000 lbs. of freight, Freeman labor will deliver your freight to your booth for FREE. This service will be available Saturday, November 1, and Sunday, November 2, 8:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m. and on Monday, November 3, 8:00 a.m.—2:30 p.m. This program is only available to companies with freight weighing 1,000 lbs. or less.

All information regarding this free service can be found in the Exhibitor Services Manual website under Tab #14. If you have any further questions regarding freight handling assistance at the SEMA Show, please contact Show Management at 702/450-7662, ext. 120.

SAVE MONEY! Look under Tab #14 of the online Exhibitor Services Manual for great tips on packaging your freight in ways that will save you money both in transportation and in freight handling costs on-site. Customer Service at Freeman will also be able to answer any questions you may have at 702/407-4694.

New "Clean Floor" Deadline in Effect
The deadline to clear crates and empties on Show site is Monday, November 3, at 3:00 p.m.

In an effort by SEMA and the official service contractor to ensure a fluid move-in for all exhibitors, a new "clean floor" deadline will be in force at the 2008 SEMA Show.  "Clean Floor" refers to the requirement that all crates and "empties" be ready for pick up by the official service contractor for storage during the Show. All crates must be sealed, closed and labeled by Monday, 3:00 p.m., for Freeman to commence "cleaning" the floor in final preparation for the Show's opening.

Previously, the deadline was 5:00 p.m. Although this is only a two-hour difference, those two hours are vital to a successful opening of the Show, ensuring everything is completed prior to the first attendees walking the Show floor Tuesday morning, and alleviating any issues you, the exhibitor, may have prior to the Show opening.

Show Management greatly appreciates your understanding and observance of this deadline.

SEMA has worked hard this year to ensure there are hotel rooms in every price point available to Show attendees and exhibitors. The list of AAIW Official Hotels can be found at www.SEMAshow.com/travel. Make all your hotel reservations online, or call the AAIW Housing Bureau at 800/967-8852 or 847/948-6789.

Do you need audio/visual for your booth or meeting room? Freeman Audio Visual is the SEMA Show preferred contractor. They can be reached at 702/352-1484.

Sample menus are available online at www.ps.aramark.com/lasvegascc. Contact one of the following Aramark representatives (depending on the hall where your booth is located) for pricing and to order catering for your booth, or a media conference scheduled within your booth. 

Please note contact changes for Aramark personnel;

North Hall—Keziah Calmese: calmese-keziah@aramark.com, 702/943-6902
Central Hall—Paris Magasiny: magasiny-paris@aramark.com, 702/943-6904
South Halls—Emily Pittinger: pittinger-emily@aramark.com, 702/943-6849

Business Services (North Hall): Burgundy
Hot Rod Alley (Central Hall): Burgundy
Mobile Electronics & Technology (North Hall): Blue
Tires, Wheels & Equipment (South Hall): Blue
Racing and Performance (Central Hall): Red
Restoration Marketplace (Central Hall): Plum
Restyling & Car Care Accessories (North Hall): Green
Tools and Equipment (North Hall): Plum
Trucks/SUV’s, Off-Road (Upper South Hall): Green