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GM released these two new production photos of the 2010 Chevy Volt.

There are more than 38,000 prospective buyers on a waiting list for the much-anticipated Chevrolet Volt, the new electric car that GM plans to release in November 2010.

The unofficial, ongoing waiting list—compiled by Lyle Dennis, a New York neurologist and Volt champion who runs, a website dedicated to the vehicle—so far lists 38,725 people interested in purchasing the rechargeable car.

Data from the site shows that nearly 2,000 of the prospective buyers come from California, followed by Texas with approximately 1,000 buyers. Florida, Michigan and New York also show a healthy number of interested buyers.

According to, the vehicle is designed around a lithium-ion battery pack that will enable the car to drive for 40 miles. The Volt will also feature an on-board engine that will charge the battery and provide an overall driving range of 400 miles. This amounts to approximately 50 mpg for each gallon used to charge the battery. The battery pack will be able to recharge into a standard 110- or 220-volt wall outlet.

"The Volt is part of a new and upcoming technology impacting conventional drivetrains that will challenge some of our SEMA members," said Bill Wolf, SEMA senior director of OEM relations. "This will definitely move our members to explore options to conventional automotive powerplants and potential opportunities to capitalize on this advancing technology."

In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, GM CEO Rick Wagoner says his best guess for the Volt’s selling price is in the mid- to high-30K range.

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