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Brenda Priddy and her spy photographer network recently caught testing what Priddy believes is the next version of "Cadillac One," the United States presidential limousine. Photographed on public roads and highways, Priddy says this behemoth may be more truck than car, likely using the GM Topkick medium-duty truck chassis (to accommodate the additional weight of armor plating) and running on Goodyear Regional RHS tires covering 19-inch wheels.

Priddy also says that the drivetrain under this particular test car was a diesel, with an exhaust note not unlike those of other Topkick platform trucks (a couple of which accompanied this Cadillac during testing).

This limo appears to use Escalade headlights, while the rear uses some STS styling cues. Look closely above the front fenders and you'll see two holders, presumably in which to place head-of-state American flags.

It's debut? Priddy says January 20, 2009, is a pretty good guess.