On the recent Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour, SEMA Action Network (SAN) Director Jason Tolleson met with numerous SAN members who each voiced their support for the Association’s legislative grassroots effort. With more than 30,000 members in the United States and Canada, including 4,000 car clubs, SAN members receive free updates on pending legislative issues in their state or province.

“Whether they were long-time supporters or just heard about us for the first time, it was great to connect with enthusiasts who are passionate about preserving this hobby,” said Tolleson. “They are a powerful force in working to enact pro-hobby, pro-industry legislation.”

During this seven-day, seven-state tour, SEMA staff registered over 600 new enthusiasts for the SAN. Here are just a few things people had to say about the SAN:

If everybody would join together with the SAN, then we would be able to keep the laws working for the hobby. After I get Driving Force in the mail I take it to my club meetings. If we don’t educate lawmakers, then who will?

- Paul and Mike Wayman
Kansas City, Missouri


I joined the SAN two years ago because it’s important to keep this around for younger generations. I take copies of Driving Force to work so my co-workers can read it.


- John Lucas
Lafayette, Indiana



I love getting the newsletter every month.  It keeps us posted on legislative issues across the country. Getting the SEMA Street Rod Bill signed into law in Florida was a major victory for enthusiasts.

- Tim Weber and Lori Warnicke
Sanford, Florida


I enjoy reading the latest news and alerts in the newsletter. After I finish reading it, I take the newsletter to our club. We need to keep this sport going. It’s awesome to see people getting good laws passed or defeating bad ones.

- Glenn and Donna Baumann
Mayville, Wisconsin



If you want this hobby of ours to continue in the future, you better get involved. There are those out there who don’t understand our hobby, and we have to educate them. It takes little effort to respond to the alerts from the SAN. However, it does take all of us working together to ensure that our kids or grandkids have the same opportunities that we have at shows and events to enjoy this hobby.

- Terry Box
McKinney, Texas




We wouldn’t be doing what we are doing if people don’t get involved. From the problems of titling customs to other issues, it is important to have the laws work in our favor.

- Leonard Willming of Bend Harbor, Michigan and Marsha Cebben of Grand Rapids, Michigan