The checkered flag for SEMA's inaugural Pinewood Drag Race Sponsored by Fellers and DUB Publishing drops in one month, and if you've been wanting to join the fun but find yourself short on time, consider sponsoring a team.

More than 80 children from Victory Junction Gang Camp and Childhelp, the two charities SEMA is supporting through the fundraising activities of the Installation Banquet & Gala Fundraiser, will help build and race cars sponsored by generous patrons. For a modest fee, a child will build and enter his or her car in the Pinewood Drag Race, held in conjunction with the SEMA Installation Banquet and Gala Fundraiser, prior to the Hall of Fame recognition and fundraising activities. 

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More than 30 racers are tuning up their pinewood dragsters and filling out the brackets in the event's three classes: Stock, Modified and Unlimited. Some of your industry peers seeking bragging rights include:

Cameron Evans, Red Line Synthetic Oil Corp.
Dennis Overholser, HRIA/Las Vegas Rod & Custom
Dennis Overholser, HRIA/Vintage Air Inc.
Alise Miner, SEMA Business Technology Committee
Sam Mandlin, EGGE Machine Company Inc.
Matt Agosta, Steele Rubber Products
Eric Hoffend, Freeman
Ronald DiVincenzo, Cap World
Tony Thacker, NHRA Museum
Bob Johnston, Auto Etc. Neon
Peter MacGillivray, SEMA
Alise Miner, SEMA, Alise and the Postettes
Donnie Eatherly, P&E Distributors Inc.
Tom Brooks, Truckin' Thunder

Alex Tainsh, TrimParts Inc.
Franco Ganino, Alliant Insurance Services
David Toyota, New Zealand Australian Companies Inc.
Chris Kersting, SEMA
Robert Rice, Cotton Fever
Dan Peterson, Gotta Show Products
Dave Williams, Rampage Products
Joel Ayres, Truck Accessories Group
Bob Price, Prairie Wolf Partners
Joey Granatelli, Granatelli Motor Sports
Brian Breslin, Bowdoin Marketing
John McLeod, Classic Instruments Inc.

Eric Hoffend, Freeman
Andy Wadhera, CalTrend Automotive Products
Scott O'Toole, Motor State Distributing
Jerry McNair, CMTC
Jim Cozzie, Zoom Performance Products
Mitch Williams, Pilot Automotive
Mike Spagnola, Street Scene Equipment

Those interested in building a Pinewood Drag Race car with the children from Childhelp can join SEMA for a special trip to The Village of Childhelp West in Beaumont, California, where participants can help the kids sand, paint and assemble cars that will run in the Pinewood Drag Race. Contact Race Director Mike Spagnola at for details.

For further information about the race and its rules, click here.