Maximize your SEMA Show return on investment by utilizing the tips presented in the SEMA Webinar, "SEMA Show: Money Well Spent for Your Business."

Whether your company is new to the SEMA Show or a longtime exhibitor, Chuck Swartz (CEM/Chairman, ConvExx Show Management) has the insight and information needed to get the most out of your SEMA Show investment. Schwartz has managed the SEMA Show for the past 27 years, and his recent webinar presentation, “SEMA Show: Money Well Spent for Your Business,” shows exhibitors how to create a Show gameplan and budget, attract media attention and generate new business.

Below are some excerpts from the presentation. To download this valuable SEMA webinar in its entirety, visit and access the link on the right-hand side of the page.    

  • One of the main points emphasized by Schwartz was to get a good return on investment by completing all of the preparation for the Show on time. This includes securing a hotel room, shipping freight on time, obtaining lead retrieval rentals, ordering food service and more. “If you do everything on schedule, you’ll save money,” he said.  

  • Schwartz pointed out that each company must establish its own Show objectives. Determine what your company would like to accomplish at the Show—announce a product launch, introduce a new company, strengthen your brand, or find new customers.

  • “Today, the reality is that not many companies make actual sales at the Show,” said Schwartz. “Even the bigger buyers—performance WDs, aftermarket chains—don’t make many purchases at the Show. There are some sales made throughout the Show, but don’t count on it.” Schwartz has witnessed the change in the business aspects of the Show over the years and the evolution of how to measure a company’s return on investment. “What’s important is to get leads, make contacts and network,” he said. Another benefit of the Show often overlooked by companies is the opportunity to meet with existing customers. Schwartz explained, “Customer retention is vital to your company. The reality is that it's more expensive to retain a new customer than it is to keep an old one.”

The SEMA Show is set for Tuesday–Friday, November 4–7, in Las Vegas. For complete SEMA Show information, visit

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