SEMA has been successful in configuring and obtaining ARB approval for an engine dynamometer testing protocol to demonstrate that diesel aftermarket performance parts and systems comply with ARB emissions requirements. Compliant products are eligible for an E.O. (Executive Order) under this protocol. Olson Ecologic Inc. (Fullerton, California; contact Don Olson at 714/774-3385) is committed to providing emissions testing services using this protocol. At some point, other testing facilities may also elect to provide such services.

Manufacturers of diesel performance parts and systems, particularly tuning products companies, can now begin emissions evaluations of their products to obtain compliance with the ARB. 

Olson Ecologic has obtained a 2008 Duramax diesel engine and all emissions-related components for engine dyno installation and compliance testing. By contacting Don Olson at the above phone number, you will be able to make arrangements necessary for product testing using the Duramax engine (e.g., costs, scheduling).

The ARB is currently deciding which Ford and Dodge diesel engines and MYs will be required for E.O. testing of applicable diesel performance products. That information is forthcoming and will be shared with the appropriate SEMA membership when received.

In addition, and in view of recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enforcement activities directed at diesel aftermarket tuning products, it is also important that you pursue ARB E.O. status in order to address the emissions compliance concerns of the EPA.

SEMA remains available to respond to your compliance questions. You may direct such inquiries to SEMA's Technical Consultant Jim McFarland at 901/377-1210 or