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This futuristic one-off from Veritas comes to us from spy photographer Brenda Priddy. Veritas, she explains, was a small German company formed near the end of World War II by three BMW employees who wanted to fulfill their dream of building and racing sports cars. Under the Veritas label, they managed to build 75 cars before the company went bust in 1952, including their most famous model: the Veritas-BMW Rennsport Spyder, which ran a six-cylinder from a late-30’s BMW 328.

Fast forward to 2001 and to the Veritas RS3 concept powered by a 6.0-litre BMW V12 with around 670 hp. Featuring design cues from the original cars, the RS3 was the perfect evolution of the brand.

At one point Veritas moved into building boats and the RS3 faithfully represents that experience with its road-going interpretation of a sea vessel. With a tubular chassis, total weight is about 2,100 lbs. and the manufacturer’s claim of a 218 MPH top speed doesn’t seem unreasonable.

Now seven years later, a more modern interpretation of the RS3 concept has popped up for testing at the Nürburgring. Driver and engineers remained tight-lipped about any details. We can only hope to see the car in production trim at one of the motor shows later this year.