Mercedes-Benz will host a “Tastes of America” tuning competition for its GLK 350 that highlights the designs and craftsmanship of the specialty-equipment industry during the 2008 SEMA Show, November 4–7, in Las Vegas.  A total of four GLKs will be competing with one another for the most votes by Show attendees, as well as Internet voters. Of the four different themes, three are still available:

  1. The Four Corners Rock Crawler: “The ultimate off-roader!”
  2. The Pikes Peak Rally Racer: “The rally dominator”
  3. The NYC Urban Whip: “This ride will turn heads and rule the road”

Only one GLK project vehicle per theme will be awarded to aftermarket companies that exhibit and compete with one another at SEMA.

Following the Show, the four aftermarket companies will take possession of the vehicle for the next 12–18 months for the purposes of the approved marketing plan. For complete information, visit and click on the link next to the Mercedes-Benz logo.

Aftermarket companies that wish to apply for this opportunity must submit proposals which include the following information:

  1. Executive Summary—One page that focuses on the key benefits of the proposal and prior experiences to support this new role.
  2. Vehicle Description—List of specific modifications and accessories to be added, including a total customer pay price, along with a color rendering.
  3. Promotional plan—Detailed Marketing/PR plan for the GLK over the next 12–18 months.
  4. Timing—Specific dates, vehicle delivery and project timing and completion date.
  5. Commit to feature vehicle with the Mercedes-Benz logos and nomenclature intact with visible likeness to production vehicle.
  6. Finally, it should be made clear that a project vehicle will only be awarded upon the execution of an agreement as required by MBUSA.

All proposals need to be submitted to MBUSA via e-mail to by June 1. Earlier proposals will receive preferential treatment.