The following news release comes from the Pilot Automotive Group:

Mitch Williams, COO of Pilot Automotive, announced that Pilot Automotive has acquired Racing Sports Akimoto and DUB-Air, both divisions of the Avanche Corporation. Racing Sports Akimoto is the originator of the performance air intake system and a leader in the sport compact market. Dub-Air’s industry-exclusive, all-stainless steel performance air intake system leads the urban market and is rapidly becoming the first choice for high end sport truck and SUV performance buyers. Both of these systems are considered by many in the performance automotive industry to be the premier quality systems for foreign and domestic vehicles.

This joint venture will allow Pilot Automotive and Avanche Corporation to design, develop, test, market and manufacture formidable new products and expand on those currently produced. It will bring together Pilot’s substantial expertise in manufacturing, distribution, advertising and economies of scale and Avanche Corporation’s research, development and marketing knowledge and allow both companies to fuel a much greater growth opportunity. Pilot is known for providing high quality products and excellent value.

“Our goal is always the same one: exceed the expectations of the consumer!" Williams noted.

Williams added: “Racing Sports Akimoto is the premier performance air intake system and is a great fit with our DC Sports brand of high-performance exhaust systems. We looked at all the performance filters in the market and Racing Sports Akimoto proved to be the best one we could find. The Dub-Air system is also a well-established, highly-visible brand and will complement our other urban lifestyle products."

Avanche CEO Wade Kawasaki added: “This is a model of strategic collaboration. We will design, develop and test new high-quality performance products that will take an existing and very successful product category to a completely different level. The features and benefits of this “systems” approach will yield superior performance gains, great tone under acceleration and awesome underhood aesthetics."

Pilot Automotive, founded in 1983 by Calvin Wang, has one of the largest distribution networks in the industry that includes big box retailers, automotive chain stores, established three-step performance WD distribution and OEM. Pilot offers a family of other well-established brands, such as Pilot, Bully, Redline, DC Sports, DME (Design Motorsports Engineering), APC, The Baja Champions, Sirius Performance Lighting, VPS (Vehicle Performance Systems), Auto Ice and Navigator.