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Renowned Washington commentators Fred Barnes and Eleanor Clift will be the headliners for a lively debate on timely political issues, including the 2008 presidential election, during the political insiders session at SEMA’s 2008 Washington Rally.

In addition to influential SEMA members, council and industry leaders, among those participating in the SEMA Washington Rally will be members of the Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus, consisting of about 100 members of Congress.  The Caucus, formed in 1996 is a coalition of federal lawmakers who are car enthusiasts themselves or have racing and performance manufacturers in their districts.  The Caucus was created to help raise the profile of the motor vehicle performance industry in Washington and throughout the country.

Fred Barnes is host, along with Mort Kondracke, of the Beltway Boys on FOX News. Barnes appears regularly on "FOX’s Special Report" with Brit Hume. From 1988–1998, he was a regular panelist on "The McLaughlin Group." He has also appeared on "Nightline," "Meet the Press," "Face the Nation," and "The News Hour with Jim Lehrer." In addition, Barnes hosts the weekly radio show, "Issues in the News" on Voice of America.  He is the co-founder and executive editor of The Weekly Standard. From 1985–1995, he served as senior editor and White House correspondent for The New Republic.

Eleanor Clift                                            Fred Barnes

Eleanor Clift is a regular panelist on the syndicated talk show, "The McLaughlin Group," and a political analyst for the Fox News Network.  Clift became a contributing editor to Newsweek in September 1994. She writes on the Washington power structure, the influence of women in politics and other issues.  She is currently assigned to follow the jockeying over policy and politics in the Democratic-controlled Congress and the emerging contenders for the 2008 presidential nomination in both the Republican and Democratic parties. Formerly Newsweek’s White House correspondent, Clift also served as congressional and political correspondent for six years.

In addition to the political insiders' session, SEMA members who attend the Washington Rally will participate in an opening reception featuring car enthusiast Jon Tester, U.S. Senator from Montana, meet with their members of Congress in a one-on-one setting, tour the U.S. Capitol and celebrate the Victory Junction Gang Camp and the motorsports industry with businessman, philanthropist and respected NASCAR driver Kyle Petty at a Congressional reception.   

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