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The SEMA National Education Conference, scheduled April 10–11 in Nashville, is a concentrated, two-day leadership program developed exclusively for automotive specialty-equipment executives. With the knowledge shared at this conference, you'll discover how to lead your company to new levels of success. You'll receive real-world skills for immediate application, targeted information presented specifically for the automotive specialty-equipment industry and inspiration to make the necessary changes to more easily and effectively meet the challenges of a rapidly changing future.

Alan Beaulieu will discuss specific management objectives and decisions that embrace profits based on thorough, accurate economic forecasts. In a group discussion format, interest rates, demographics and the changing political landscape will be discussed; additional time for discourse will be devoted to China, India and Europe in terms of growth potential and partnerships with the United States.

Friday, April 11
12:00 p.m-1:00 p.m. (includes lunch)
Speaker: Alan Beaulieu
Title: “Planning for Change"